Happiness is the first priority to our citizens

It is in your  power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier
life.True joy and happiness are valuable .If one does not survive , no
joy and no happiness are obtainable .Trying   to survive  in a chaotic
,dishonest and generally immoral society is difficult.Your own
survival can be threatened by the bad actions of others around
you.Your  own happiness can be turned   to tragedy and   sorrow by the
dishonesty and misconduct of others. Such wrongs reduce  one’s
survival and impair one’s happiness.You are important to other
people.Some people believe in taking harmful drugs .People who take
drugs do not always see the real world  in front of them.They are  not
really  there.In the streets , in casual contact ,in a home ,they can
be very dangerous to you.People mistakenly believe they “feel better”
or are only happy when on drugs.This is just another delusion.Sooner
or later the drugs will destroy them physically.Discourage people from
taking drugs.Active Youth In Zimbabwe is one the youth organization spearheading  drug  and abuse education in Bulawayo.They have done school campaings ,holding workshops on antidrugs around Bulawayo.The organization if it gets full  sponsorship can be able to full address the issues affecting the youths in Bulawayo. They are  doing so ,encourage them to seek help in rehabilitating themselves and totally leave their habitual lifestyles.

Sex is a big step on the way to happiness and joy.There is nothing
wrong with it if it is followed with faithfuness and decency  .If you
are not married it will  be  wise to stay away from it.Unfaithfulness
on the part of a sexual partner can heavily reduce one’s survival
.History and newspapers carry floods of instances of the violence of
human passions aroused unfaithfulness.’Guilt” is the milder
evil.Jealousy and vengeance are the greater monsters, one never knows
when they cease to sleep. ‘Feelings of guilt ‘ are  nowhere near as
sharp as a knife in the back or ground glass in the soup.Additionally
,there is the question of health.If you do not insist upon
faithfulness from  your sexual partner ,you lay yourself open to
disease.Infidelity  has resulted in married husbands having liasons
with  prostitutes .It increases the risk of HIV infection and
transmission of STI diseases from husbands to there innocent wives. If
sexual promiscuity becomes prevalent in organization, commercial or
otherwise the organization can seen to fail.No matter how civilized
their discussions about it ,families shatter in the face of
unfaithfullness. The urge of the moment can become the sorrow of a
lifetime.The banning of ponorgraphic from online online streaming with
internet service providers countrywide even though official
ponorgraphy is banned according to the law.People can still access
through portals.This is the main catalyst for child abuse.

Sometimes others seek to crush one down ,to make nothing out of one’s
hopes and dreams ,one’s future and oneself.By ridicule and many other
means ,another who is evil -intentioned toward one can try bring one
can try bring one’s decline.For whatever  reason ,efforts to improve
oneself to become happier in life ,can become the subject of attacks
.It is sometimes necessary to handle such directly.But there is a
long-range handling seldom fails.What exactly are such people trying
to do to one?They are trying to reduce one downward.They must conceive
that one is dangerous to them in some way , that if one got up in the
world,one could be a menace to them.So in various ways ,such seek to
depress one’s talents and capabilities.

Thanks to God for the land of Zimbabwe .The country which is believed
can be the Switzerland of Africa.l appeal to the Leaders who are in
authority ,please bring happiness unto the citizens of Zimbabwe.This
have to start from local government authourities (councilors) ,house
of assembly ,Senate house,government portfolios representatives create
a way out  of  this problems the beloved sons and daughters of the
nations are facing.People are suffering.As a Representative you are
suppose to be on the ground and address the issues affecting the
people on the ground.You are the servant of the people.Policy makers
came up with Indigenisation empowerment,Zimasset and now you are quiet
and no one is coming back to the people.What have we achieved as a
nation from these policies?If we need to correct lets correct for the
betterment of our nation.We need friendly policies as nation from
taxing policies etc.The citizens don’t even know what is happening in
the house of assembly,senate house ,in government portfolios .As
leaders you need to come back to the people ,your coming back we give
them confident and happiness updating them with latest
developments.People never put you there to enrich your pockets/to
drive posh cars but to represent there will in those places of
authority.We have graduates from agriculture technical colleges ,l
appeal to government to give them land and come up with an
agricultural fund   which  will  assist them to start projects in
farming so we can regain our status of being the bread basket of
Africa.The government will be monitoring the progress in those
lands.We can’t keep on importing maize while we have vasts of lands in
our beautiful nation of Zimbabwe.Lets work hard more than
talking.Bulawayo has been turned unto ruins nolonger the industrial
hub but depleted warehouses.Who can revive the city of kings glory?We
need people of intergrity not selfish to see our country out this bad
situation.We are all Zimbabweans whether black /white as long you have Zimbabwe
at heart you have legal right to be called son and daughter of the
soil .We are all equal in the eyes of God no one is bigger than the
other .God loves us all and he has a reason why we were born  in
Zimbabwe because he wants to be the good stewards of this beautiful
nation.We are all born free and equal according universal declaration of human rights document.Ask yourself  whether you are building the legacy of this
nation / destroying it.If you are building the legacy you are building
generational happiness to the future generation of Zimbabwean.Greedy
and corruption are wrong seeds to the country and this is an enemy to
the advancement,happiness and betterment of the nation.

Remember ,people are God’s priority  and when we make the people in
our life our priority we are taking steps toward building lasting
relationships and happiness.

Enos Denhere