Rebuilding the broken walls of motherland has to be the major concern to every son and daughter of the soil. The Biblical Nehemiah was a Jewish exile who was serving as cup-bearer to the Persian King Artaxerxes. When he had a visit from some men from Judah who told him that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and that its gate had been burned. Grieved at this state of affairs and what it symbolized about the plight of his people. Rebuilding the wall became his purpose .His deep passion influenced Artaxerxes who had no real reason to rebuild the city and to help Nehemiah fulfill his desire.We have a duty as citizens of this beloved nation of our beloved country Zimbabwe. If one says he is going to do something, he should do it. Nehemiah stood with his word until he achieved his purpose of rebuilding walls of Jerusalem. Our economy is not functional very well, the industry is very ill. Africa as a whole is rich in resources but its people are very poor. As a nation we need to come up with the policies which will create room of trust from our citizens and international community. Mutual trust is the firmest building block in rebuilding the broken walls of Zimbabwe. Without it, the whole structures comes down.Tustworthniness is a highly esteemed commodity. When one has it one may be considered valuable. If you have the spirit of trust it attracts helpers and this helped biblical Nehemiah to attract many helpers including King Artaxerxes than his enemies. When one has lost it, one may be considered worthless. Zimbabwe is filled with potential builders of the economy but what gap can you fill? Look for a problem in your society and as soon as you do, try finding a solution. Where there is a demand, try to supply? We can not build the walls of the country as individuals. Lets be united the government, technocrats, our local and international students, industries personnel, civic groups, politicians, elderly and youth. Let’s rise up and build the broken walls of our country. As a country we need to pull up our socks. During the rebuild of Jerusalem, Nehemiah gathered elders, scholars and historians on the way forward. In rebuilding the nation walls you will encounter resistance from enemies of your vision, soon biblical Nehemiah soon faced bitter opposition from some local residents and officials. When he and his fellow workers were threatened with fear, intimidation, physical attack, his steadfast and beliefs in their God given purpose inspired them to hold firmly to the vision and refuse to give way until the task was completed. 

Sometimes as citizens we are own stumbling block as some are greedy and selfish. Politics is affecting the progress on rebuilding the broken walls of our beloved nation. The agenda of rebuilding our economy have been shifted to politics whether its ruling or opposition party its members are on each others collar fighting for positions. As citizens we are much concerned about progress of the economy. The issue of bread and butter is our major priority. Let’s see policies being implemented in holistic manner. My wish is for all Zimbabweans to breast fed from their motherland Zimbabwe. Lets share equal all the resources in the country not few individual to be beneficiaries. Think of the people in the remote places of Zimbabwe maybe where there is no road network, accommodation and water problems in the cities, kids who are not able to finish school because of monetary problems and some going to school with empty stomachs

As the rebuilder of the nation don’t ever get comfortable push to innovate and solve a problem, but always start small. Remain humble with everyone as humility takes you far. Rediscover your purpose and will help you birth your destiny which become one of the bricks in rebuilding the broken walls of our economy. Don’t give up on rebuilding the broken walls of Zimbabwe .The solution is in your hands.

Yours Beloved Potential Rebuilder of Broken Walls of our nation
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