The Purpose Driven Living

Human beings are made out of rulership material.In Genesis 1vs 26 Let us create man in our image and likeness and let them have dominion over everything on this world.The meaning of dominion in Genesis 1vs26  is radah ,which means “to tread down,ie subjugate,to crumble -(come to/make to),prevail against,reign,rule.The creator’s  purpose for your existence is leadership,rulership,management over the earthly realmr

Welcome to 2015 ,it is helpful to look at a few principles of purpose as they relate to creation.Purpose determines design,potential,natural abilities,capacity and ability,natural talents,natural desires ,source of passion.Purpose gives existence meaning and determines the measure of success and failure.Have a positive mindset.Avoid negative mindset and the fear of unknown. Start to understand  your destiny.Grew that passion to purpose as it will birth your destiny.You were designed for sky.Never limit yourself.Live life at the standard of God.God will reward your deli gent.Purpose involves faith.Fight the good fight of faith.Dream big but start from small.Don’t despise humble beginnings .Resurrect that dead dream,project,plan.Seek advice from the ones who have made it, in your area of interest.Avoid evil company as evil company corrupts good morales.

We have much work to do against stiff odds with not a day to waste.Let us begin 2015 with energy ,hope faith,discipline and let us not quit until our dreams ,plans and  our work is done .The scripture says “let us not grew weary in doing good,for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

Don’t give up go back to that dream.Rome was never built in one day.You will make it this year.Our major purpose is to superimpose  the will of God in places we are ruling eg at our homes,work place etc.

We were  designed to overcome.Lets live living at the standard of God.Wish you all the best in 2015.

Best Wishes

Enos Denhere


call +263773894975


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