Housing a basic right of every African citizen

The UN Habit Agenda defines housing as a  basic human right which must be accorded to all regardless of gender,color,race,religion etc.The general definition of house is a building or dwelling in which people live.

Access for the poor to urban land and housing is one of the main challenges facing many policy makers in Zimbabwe ,South Africa ,Zambia,Nigeria and the whole of Africa.Housing shortages have been stalking Africans for many years now .The harsh economic situation that dogged most countries  in Africa.However ,escalating housing prices ,limited access to land,housing finances and land regulations which govern sub-division of land and low supply of subsidised housing has made it difficult for poor as well as middle class households to enter the formal  housing market.African Countries continues to face significant challenges in assisting  the poor in access to a decent house and basic services.However, delivering a basic house on a serviced plot remains a complex process,riddled with  planning approval delays and overly high infrastructure costs.In a green-field development ,the first step is to identify suitable land with easy access to economic opportunities and other social amenities.On completion of a basic feasibility study,the next step is to secure enviromental and planning approvals .Besides the cost factor ,this process is entangled in burauctic red -tape  and can take several years to obtain.This long waiting period puts further financial burden on the developer  and derails the entire development.Once the approvals are in place the next hurdle is financing the installation of land infrastracture  such as roads,sewerage,water and electricity.Municipalities impose stringent and unrealistic infrastructure standards as conditions of approvals.

Our African governments should have foreseen  long time ago as our population is growing ,development was supposed to be taking place in line with growing population.When one visits the area where the river makes its way near Mbare in Harare Zimbabwe,Alexandra South Africa ,dust streets in outer skirts of Lagos Nigeria etc ,one is sure to find people with no hope of ever owning a house .We need town planners to allocate affordable land to make it easy for every citizen to own a house in Africa.Lets fight together and eradicate this  and make sure every citizen has  right to own a house in urban areas.l engaged prefabricated houses companies to partner me to build low cost affordable houses in Africa.The houses are adaptable to technical and legal requirements of any project,they are constructive solutions that improve the quality of life for our citizens in Africa,built with materials of assured quality,possibility of expansion ,durability extends to several generations .l appeal to relevant authorities to understand the situation which poor Africans are in. http://www.chronicle.co.zw/firm-seeks-endorsement-of-cost-effective-houses/

Enos Denhere is  a  motivational writer can be invited for business/public management forums.He champions betterment of mankind and stand against tribalism and racism.


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One thought on “Housing a basic right of every African citizen

  1. Enos, this sounds familiar in Ghana as well, good analysis. Indeed, housing is a well needed basic need for every being and no-one should be allowed to struggle through it.

    This is public provision and can not materialise without government drive through;
    and planning outcomes with of course budgeting allocation even if to cover infrastructure cost.

    There’s a lot more we in Africa will have to learn from benchmarking exercises and in our implementation correct the mistakes of those who are well advanced in such delivery. Thanks for sharing.


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