The current nature of global conflict and the array of threats confronting African Nations require now solutions and pooling of ideas to shape a comprehensive and conclusive response.As citizens of Africa and entire we need to rise up ans a big NO to terrorism.Terrorism presents a serious and sustained threat to the Africa  and Africa progress.The Terrorist groups seek to cause widespread disruption,fear and intimidation.They use violence as a means of publicising their causes motivating those who might be sympathetic to them and intimidating those who do not sympathise .

People are being slaughtered as if they are killing chickens in nothern part of Nigeria,Kenya,Somalia,Lybia,Syria ,recent attack in France etc.In the remote farming community of Chibok,the agony is only getting worse.The parents and other relatives of the missing 219 school girls have left to rely on a diet of rumour from the media.This have become  a symbol of everything that is wrong with Nigeria.They were abducted because state failed to protect them .They have remained in  captivity ,first because their disapperance was not treated as an issue  of national significance  and then because despite pouring a lot of money into defence ,the army tasked with finding them is worse equiped than Boko Haram.Who is behind Boko Haram funding/latest military state of the art equipment?Some parents are dying and some have gone insane because they can’t endure the trauma .Almost more than two thousand people have been killed in nothern part of Nigeria and many terror kidnapping.The government of Nigeria ,ECOWAS and AU should  do more to get the chibok girls and other victims back.The recent terror attack in France which claimed 17 people attracted more than 1.7 million people from Europe including Heads of States to march across France in paying tribute and saying a BIG NO to terrorism .As Africans we should be our brother’s keeper.lets stand up Africa and say No to terrorism.Lets be united and have one voice .Let’s fight the good fight of faith to achieve a noble cause of peace..Lets
respect humanity.If you imagine people who are  dying premature deaths because of war/terror attacks , those are untapped potential lying idle  and will never come back.Maybe those people were going to be the solutions to World problems.

The Permanant Members of  UN security Council  and developed nations are the largest manufacture of military hardware and largest provider of military aid to its commonwealth.The right hand is preaching peace while the left hand is destroying it.Lets preach peace to our citizens .The security interest of every nation is now making it hard for countries to work together to break the yoke of terrorism as they fear to be spyed ,fear that the helping  country may request to be compensated in kind eg resources.Sometimes the helping country will be having its own interests .Lets valour People’s religions and cultures and continue saying a BIG NO to terrorism.

Lets stand united and eradicate terrorism in Africa


Enos Denhere


Call +263773894975


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