Rebuilding our beloved Nation of Zimbabwe!

We have natural resources in our country and this can be a stepping stone of rebuilding  our nation.For United Emirates to be were it is its natural resources and from those resources birthed one of the decorated metropolitan city called Dubai ,one of the largest airways Emirates airways etc.l come from Mhondoro Ngezi the community should  benefit by presence of Zimplats and other mines but we
have one of the rugged road from Kadoma, Mamina,Kadhani joining Harare
road.How Mine is the largest producer of gold in Zimbabwe but the road
to the mine is also among the dilapidated  roads.The diamond companies in Mutare should had made  a difference in that community.In India  the city of Surat – the commercial capital of South Gujarat is known for its numerous diamond processing units.This are wise words from Chinese Businessman Robert Kuok – “Wealth should be used for two main purposes. 1: for the generation of greater wealth; in other words,
you continue to invest, creating prosperity and jobs in the country. 2: part of your wealth should be applied to the betterment of mankind, either by acts of pure philanthropy or by investment in research and development along the frontiers of science, space, health care and so forth”

Rebuilding of the country economy walls,it needs every Zimbabwean.We have good brains (think tankers) who are busy uplifting other nations because were never given the room to showcase the area of their expertise.  Politics is affecting the progress on rebuilding the broken walls of our beloved nation. The agenda of rebuilding our economy have been shifted to politics as politicians are on each other collar  jostling for positions instead of nation building whether its ruling  or opposition party.We want a better Zimbabwe.We want bread and butter on the table,We don’t have other nation.Zimbabwe is my home country.God heal our land,few individuals enjoying the fruits of the land.We are all Zimbabweans.No one is bigger than the other that’s why when l go outside the country they call me by my country name Zimbabwean.Its now high time all stakeholders be involved in the nation building,guys we need one another to build this country.We need our fellow countrymen who are abroad,our technocrats,church ,civic organizations,politicians,our youths and industrialists to come together in rebuilding our nation.We don’t have any industry functioning but are just warehouses few are operating there is no need for import ban.l respect the govt leadership but as a patriotic Zimbabwean ,our government should do something for its citizens.We have leaders in government platforms go to the people hear their concerns .Solutions for nation rebuilding is in the hands of Zimbabwean citizens.We know life is hard but there is a way out.Lets list where we have failed as a nation .The issue of red tape is an assassination to economy rebuilding .Ask yourself are you a nation builder or you nation destroyer eg in every office of influence or you are using it to self enrich 1)at that road block as police officer 2)Zimra officer at border post3) Cabinet minister,Permanent secretary,director 4) Mayor and Councillor in local  govt 5)ordinary trusted  citizen in any private sector or govt offices to serve the people,are  you building or you are now hindrance to nation building as you are always demanding kickbacks before you approve anything.Corruption and selfish is now  cancer in nation building.

Laskhmi Mittal said , “At the end of the day you have to keep emotions away”, “hard work certainly goes a long way. These days a lot of people work hard, so you have to make sure you work even harder and really dedicate yourself to what you are doing and setting out to achieve”,” Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your
determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you cancome through them”,” Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever they might be”,” When people can see which direction the leaders are going in it becomes easier to motivate them.

As a nation we need to come up with the policies which will create room of trust from our citizens and international community.Mutual trust is the firmest building block in rebuilding the broken walls of Zimbabwe. Without it, the whole structures comes
down.Trustworthiness is   a highly esteemed commodity. When one has it one may be considered valuable. If you have the spirit of trust it attracts helpers . Zimbabwe is filled with potential builders of the economy but what gap can you fill? Look for
a problem in your society and as soon as you do, try finding a solution. Where there is a demand, try to supply? We can not build the walls of the country as individuals. Lets be united the government, technocrats, our local and international students, industrialists
, civic groups, politicians, elderly and youth. Let’s rise up and build the broken walls of our country. During the rebuild of Jerusalem, Nehemiah gathered elders, scholars and historians on the way forward. In rebuilding the nation walls you will encounter resistance from enemies of your vision, soon biblical Nehemiah soon faced bitter opposition from some local residents and officials. When he and his fellow workers were threatened with fear, intimidation, physical attack, his steadfast and beliefs in their God given purpose inspired them to hold firmly to the vision and refuse to give way until the task was completed.

As the re builder of the nation don’t ever get comfortable push to innovate and solve a problem, but always start small. Remain humble with everyone as humility takes you far. Rediscover your purpose and will help you birth your destiny which become one of the bricks in rebuilding the broken walls of our economy. Don’t give up on
rebuilding the broken walls of Zimbabwe .The solution is in our hands.Lets value each other ,work on developing of our nation .What do you gain in killing each other destiny other nations we use us as stepping ladder to develop their economy?

Lastly Dear our Beloved God remember my country Zimbabwe.Your silence doesn’t mean you have forgotten us as your beloved children.You will surely come for us as a nation.Zimbabwe is not cursed we are blessed.Spirit of love ,understanding,peace and unity to prevail upon the beloved citizens of Zimbabwe.Citizens not to fear its govt and govt not to fear its citizens.Your Holy spirit to take over beloved God.We pray In Jesus wonderful and mighty name Amen.

Enos Denhere

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