The Truth Eludes Africa Freedom

Africa once dubbed the black continent continues unabated its trend of not satisfying needs and aspirations of its especially the youth .My heart bleed for betterment of African youth.The current nature of global conflict and the array of threats confronting African Nations require now solutions and pooling of ideas to shape a comprehensive and conclusive response.As citizens of Africa and entire we need to rise up and say a big NO to terrorism and xenophobia .Terrorism and xenophobia presents a serious and sustained threat to the Africa  and Africa progress.The Terrorist and xenophobia  groups seek to cause widespread disruption,fear and intimidation.They use violence as a means of publicizing their causes motivating those who might be sympathetic to them and intimidating those who do not sympathize .

What is the truth? What does it set you free from?The Webster’s Dictionary definition below says what the word truth means:”truth: being in accord with fact or reality.”Thus, the truth sets you free from anything that is NOT in accordance with fact or reality, the truth sets you free from lies/deception/illusions/delusions.The African fathers who pioneered
liberation struggle when they discovered the truth that we are under colonial bondage.It definitely brought “freedom” when they  discovered the “truth” of Africa. The truth of the matter Africa was under colonial bondage.In John8vs32,then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.If  you mention names like Kwame Nkrumah,Julius Nyerere,Nelson Mandela,Robert Magabe,Joshua Nkomo,Kenneth Kaunda,Jomo Kenyatta,Oliver Tambo,Thabo Mbeki,Samora Machel,Sam Muyoma,Patrice Lumumba etc.They discovered the truth that we have to be liberated from colonial rule .This names are associated with
sacrificial,liberation,instead of preaching revenge they promoted forgiveness after independence.They went to war and achieved their noble cause of truth (freedom).They paid the price in order to achieve this noble cause.There were incarcerated into prisons and others taken into detention centers for years but they never gave up but it gave them stamina for next move .They wanted to break the racial barriers as you know blacks used to be treated as dogs.During that time ,this great leaders were treated like animals because they had voiced against prejudice,racial inequality and for there countries sovereignty.They were even regarded as terrorists. They achieved the fruits of Pan -Africanism.The truth apparently is not enough as evidence shows that diplomacy is needed to be blended with history in order to satisfy the dream of our continent .

Elders you played your role for bringing freedom to Africa.Why things are now upside down in Africa?We have Boko Haram in Sombisa forests in Nigeria,Alshabab in Somalia,xenophobic attacks in SA,Rebels /war lords in DRC, Uganda Lord Resistance Army,poverty in Sub Saharan Africa,Arab Spring uprising that toppled sitting governments in Libya,Egypt and Tunisia etc.As elders of Africa have you asked yourself why this is happening.I want to be frank this is birthed from frustration due to unemployment and poverty.What have we done as Heads of States in Africa to empower our youth?Empowering its not always giving money or resources but its open door or policy which will create room for our youth to discover there potential.Youth are not security threat but are leaders of tomorrow.We need Youth to be involved in nation building and programs that seek to improve there well being.In targeting youth duty bearers we have to ensure there is gender equity and quality so that there are no disparities in our programs.Governments in Africa should not fear its citizens and citizens should not fear there governments.We need one another as Africans we can’t do without each other.Lets develop Africa.We have talented people in Africa .Lets not sideline there views and there resources.Irregardless of there station in life .Every son and daughter of the African soil has a right to participate in resource mobilization and capacity utilization so as to fully benefit as citizens of the continent.Lets ensure that youth are meaningful involvement in country level affairs before they get lured into terrorism,xenophobia,drug trafficking and other vices .Lets have an inclusive approach where every citizen feels the country ownership and so will find rebelling against fellow citizens a needless enterprise.

For this framework to succeed it must be implemented as an Africa wide project where the  focal person will visit and have a continuous dialogue with Africans leaders  or there  proxies (AU). These is a high stakes diplomatic project that’s needs Africa’s commitment in addressing the concerns of continent citizens .

Enos Denhere

Is A Motivational Writer ,Entrepreneur and Activist Who Champion Betterment of African Citizens.

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No To Xenophobia In SA

Unity stands for peace in the presence of conflict, love in the presence of hatred, and forgiveness in the presence of injury .Unity stands for peace in our lifetime, harmony /agreement, freedom, happiness and everything good.

In South Africa it is now vice versa;Fellow continent men is busy killing fellow black man for not being a South African.Why do you kill a fellow brother ? My fellow continent men lets not think in a box.You kill a fellow human being as if you are killing a chicken.Shame on you.Lets learn to respect human kind.Let God take his chair as the final taker of life not fellow man.I can’t expect this from a fellow black men.It makes other continents to mock Africa.This shows the last degree of no heart for other fellow African.During the apartheid regime fellow continent men were not sleeping thinking on how they can set free SA.You are now free you see a fellow African as an enemy.What goes around comes around?Africa lets stand up and say no to Xenophobia.We cant watch our fellow brothers and sisters being slaughtered like flies.

Who is behind for foreigners to be killed?As much we have bad Zimbabweans,Nigerians etc same to SA.Let the law take its justice.I condemn drug traffickers,armed robbers and murderers who kill innocent souls.Politicians don’t use the xenophobia as a tool of campaigning to win the hearts of local people so you can win forthcoming elections.You were folding your hands all along ,now you want to address the issue.That’s main cancer with all African politicians when elections are nearer.

What does it solve killing innocent souls because you want to avenge your grievances towards government?The blood of these  innocent souls shall avenge against those perpetrators.You can’t kill the spirit ,the spirit  will not die.lam not really comfortable my fellow continent-men the way  we treat each other.When we  are hitting the mark of arriving to one billion some people are busy depopulating fellow continent-men.Africa lets be united .Lets say no to racism,xenophobic attacks to fellow Africans in South Africa.Fellow continent-men in SA don’t take the law into your hands ,let government do its duty towards illegal immigrants.Why killing each other Africans?The bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself.During the apartheid regime fellow continent stood with SA.Why now;being killed because you are foreigner from Africa?

Africans Heads of States please fight poverty, diseases ,develop your citizens,utilize the God given resources to beautify your nations,protect your citizens,upgrade the standard of living.May God give you wisdom.Africa will never be the same .We are one people whether black/white.Lets eradicate the cancer of racism,human suffering and xenophobic attacks. We are one people .Lets stand United and let Love prevail .

Enos Denhere

Is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur