No To Xenophobia In SA

Unity stands for peace in the presence of conflict, love in the presence of hatred, and forgiveness in the presence of injury .Unity stands for peace in our lifetime, harmony /agreement, freedom, happiness and everything good.

In South Africa it is now vice versa;Fellow continent men is busy killing fellow black man for not being a South African.Why do you kill a fellow brother ? My fellow continent men lets not think in a box.You kill a fellow human being as if you are killing a chicken.Shame on you.Lets learn to respect human kind.Let God take his chair as the final taker of life not fellow man.I can’t expect this from a fellow black men.It makes other continents to mock Africa.This shows the last degree of no heart for other fellow African.During the apartheid regime fellow continent men were not sleeping thinking on how they can set free SA.You are now free you see a fellow African as an enemy.What goes around comes around?Africa lets stand up and say no to Xenophobia.We cant watch our fellow brothers and sisters being slaughtered like flies.

Who is behind for foreigners to be killed?As much we have bad Zimbabweans,Nigerians etc same to SA.Let the law take its justice.I condemn drug traffickers,armed robbers and murderers who kill innocent souls.Politicians don’t use the xenophobia as a tool of campaigning to win the hearts of local people so you can win forthcoming elections.You were folding your hands all along ,now you want to address the issue.That’s main cancer with all African politicians when elections are nearer.

What does it solve killing innocent souls because you want to avenge your grievances towards government?The blood of these  innocent souls shall avenge against those perpetrators.You can’t kill the spirit ,the spirit  will not die.lam not really comfortable my fellow continent-men the way  we treat each other.When we  are hitting the mark of arriving to one billion some people are busy depopulating fellow continent-men.Africa lets be united .Lets say no to racism,xenophobic attacks to fellow Africans in South Africa.Fellow continent-men in SA don’t take the law into your hands ,let government do its duty towards illegal immigrants.Why killing each other Africans?The bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself.During the apartheid regime fellow continent stood with SA.Why now;being killed because you are foreigner from Africa?

Africans Heads of States please fight poverty, diseases ,develop your citizens,utilize the God given resources to beautify your nations,protect your citizens,upgrade the standard of living.May God give you wisdom.Africa will never be the same .We are one people whether black/white.Lets eradicate the cancer of racism,human suffering and xenophobic attacks. We are one people .Lets stand United and let Love prevail .

Enos Denhere

Is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur




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