lets shun abuse and Rebuild Our Country Zimbabweans

Lets stand up as peace loving citizens and say no to corruption ,domestic violence and institutional abuse.Zimbabwe is now 37 years of age.If we want to accomplish great things ,we must not only act ,but also dream ,not only plan but also believe. Most of us we look up and admire stars but champion climbs a mountain and grabs one .Attitude dictates our response to the present  and determines the quality  of our future Zimbabwe.  If we do not control our attitude it will control us  because attitudes creates our nation  and designs our destiny.John F kenedy –he felt  that he had to do something to help the poor and disadvantaged in his country and abroad. He inspired the nation to take care of those who were less fortunate ,exemplified by his statement ,”Ask not what your country can do for you ,but what can you do for your countrymen.”Agnes  Gonxha Bojaxhiu ,whom the world come to know as Mother Teresa was born in Skopje Macedonia. From   the time she  was a girl ,she felt her life’s purpose was to serve God fulltime .When she was eighteen ,she became a nun  and went to taught in a catholic high school for many years.During this time she witnessed the life of poverty and sickness that many people in India were leading.Her life’s purpose and passion crystallized  as she felt called by God  to help the “poorest of the poor” and devoted herself to bring hope ,dignity ,healing and education to the needy in Calcutta, those whom other people have dismissed as being either beyond help or not worthy.If you want to be a leader,then as Mother Teresa said ,” Do not wait for other leaders ,do it alone ,person to person.”When you have a passion and purpose ,you must act on it, even if you’re the only one who believes in it at the time.

I want to ask my fellow citizens where are we going as a nation.Ask yourself fellow citizens are you building our beloved nation or you are busy destroying it.We are killing our nation my fellow countrymen.What have we done to solve the domestic violence and institutional abuse?DOMESTIC violence is on the increase .Gender based violence  is a grave violation of human rights with the problem deeply rooted in gender inequality and discrimination. A real man doesn’t slap even a ten-dollar hooker around, if he’s got any self respect, much less hurt his own woman. Much less ten times over the mother of his kids. A real man works hard to feed his family, fights for them if he has to, dies for them if he has to. And he treats his wife with respect every day of his life, treats her like a queen – the queen of the home she makes for their children.” In our homes lets work on anger.Anger has broken many homes.Lets deal with anger management in our homes and respect each other.A real father will not rape his daughter.He will be a fatherly figure to them.Even his daughters will be proud to call him dad in there gate chambers.

As a nation lets shun corruption .Corruption kills the image and destiny of the nation.Lets have citizens who have the heart for national economical rebuilding.The biblical Nehemiah was Jewish exile who was serving as cup bearer to the Persian King Artaxers his purpose was the rebuilding of  the wall of Jerusalem. Ask yourself are you a builder of our nation or you are there to destroy. We are facing  institutional abuse bit in private sector or government houses.When it comes to organisations that uphold traffic safety or inspire confidence in the law most motorists in Zimbabwe won’t be quick to mention the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).That’s probably because they are a major source of pain and frustration for motorists through their countless roadblocks which are also hives of corruption.There can be no justification whatsoever of having three or more police checkpoints on a stretch that is barely 100km long, and the question many have asked is: Is there a need for so many roadblocks? We want the law enforcement agents to be in our communities to protect us.I respect the Homicide  and fraud department in police force for job well done.Keep it up but for traffic cops we still need structural adjustment.There is a lot of work to be done.In government offices whether you are a member of parliament,government minister,principal director,head of department,councilors,permanent secretary and city mayors ask yourself do I have the biblical Nehemiah spirit of rebuilding the national economical walls/ are you there to self enrich yourself .We are the stumbling block of our on progress beloved citizens.As head of any government house including heads of local government ;how many projects have you  not approved because you wanted a tip which could have put our nation on international map.Where is 15billion dollars ?What have we done with funds from community shareholding schemes,youth funds?Who benefited?Who is sitting on all policies?Zimassest is a good document but the vehicle needs wheels.Lets  revisit our policies to attract FDI .Who is blocking development of the nation? We need to reduce our numbers of MPs in August and Senate House and what have they done in terms of community development or they just  milking from government coffers.

I thank you your Excellency President RG Mugabe ,late Vice President Joshua Nkomo and  all sons and daughters for the roles you played during the liberation struggle .Elders where are we going wrong as a nation . The solution is in the hands of all Zimbabweans whether black or white as long you are the son and daughter of the soil.For us to achieve the rebuilding of our country we need unity,to forgive one another as citizens,come up with policies which attract FDI,respect and value one another as citizens no matter your tribe,race and color.Lets start from our mistakes and it will help us to climb the ladder of success.Lets safeguard and respect our constitution.Lets shun corruption and greediness.Your Excellency President  RG Mugabe kick out any greedy official in your government.Most of the blame comes to you not to them.They are killing your legacy and most of them are busy blaming sanctions while busy looting.Sanctions are not a scapegoat for corruption.Corruption and greediness is killing the livelihood of less privileged citizens because they cant realize there tomorrow as resources which were suppose to develop them have been diverted for individual gain.

We are all Zimbabweans .No one is bigger than our land .We trust in Almighty God.Let God be with all our citizens,Miracles in Government Houses,God be upon our leaders and give them wisdom.God make a way and uproot the sin of our land.Let God be glorified in our land and restore the goodness of our land.I appeal to all men of God please lets be steadfast ,lets not look for self glory come back to the foundations of the word of God.God will heal our land.

Enos Denhere

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