Strive Masiyiwa Strove To Where He Is Now.

The mention of the name Strive Masiyiwa  instantly the group company Econet Wireless and  and philanthropist rings in your mind. What about Mutumwa   Dziva Mawere ? The name  has a link to Africa Resources Limited (ARL) which was one of the most powerful and influential corporations in Zimbabwe’s history. (In 1996 the man was responsible for turning around the turnover of Shabanie Mashava mines during his short stint as the owner)  .In SA ;When  they talk  of Patrice Motsepe,  the name associated with the  founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals and owner of current African Club champions holders Sundowns football club rings a bell. What about  Johan Rupert ? The Swiss luxury goods firm Compagnie rings in your mind.When you go to West Africa in Nigeria the land full of  Oga’s?If they mention the name Tony Elumelu ,everyone knows the name  with passion to empower young entrepreneurs in Africa through his Tony Elumelu foundation.What about Aliko Dangote?The name is known for being the champion among all names in African Business Community through his Dangote Group Of Companies.

My Focus is on Strive Masiyiwa.Strive is a man guided by principles and full of wisdom.He is a barrier and ground breaker.In Acts 17vs6b These men who have turned the world upside ,have come also.In that scripture Paul and Silas had turned the world upside for God’s word to prevail .Strive Masiyiwa (born 29 January 1961) is a London based Zimbabwean businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Strive e-magination  works overtime  Do our names contribute to our success?Your name can attract blessings or curses.What is the meaning of Strive? Strive means to try very hard to do something or to make something happen,especially for a long time or against difficulties.There is some charisma in a name.Everyone knows the journey Strive took until now where he is.He fought a good fight of faith.The journey he took he had the staying power being encouraged by the goals he wanted to achieve.He came across mountains,valleys,sharks,champions,BiG CVs and crocodiles to mention a few obstacles he came across.Everyone want to be like Masiyiwa but we don’t want  to go through the test he tested to arrive to where he is today .Testing refines you to become a better candidate for your predestined goal.Masiyiwa is a product of lifetime refinery just by his experiences on his journey to Success.

 Today , he is the founder and executive chairman of diversified international telecommunications group Econet Wireles.Masiyiwa is a member of the African Progress Panel (APP), a group of ten distinguished individuals who advocate at the highest levels for equitable and sustainable development in Africa. As a Panel Member he facilitates coalition building to leverage and broker knowledge, and convenes decision-makers to influence policy for lasting change in Africa.He has won numerous accolades and gained international recognition for his business expertise and philanthropy, and is considered one of Africa’s most generous humanitarians. Masiyiwa has used his wealth to provide scholarships to over 100,000 young Africans over the past 20 years through his family foundation. He supports over 40,000 orphans with educational initiatives, as well as sponsoring students at universities in America, The United Kingdom, and China.Masiyiwa also funds initiatives in public health and agriculture across the African continent.Masiyiwa’s international board appointments include The Rockfeller Foundation,US Council on Foreign  Relations International Advisory Board, the Asia Society, the,Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), The Micro Nutrient Iniative of Canada, Grow Africa, The African Union’s (AU) EBOLA Fund,Morehouse College Board,and The Pan African Strategic Institute. Masiyiwa also sits on two United Nations Advisory Panels and is the only African member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience.Strive is still dreaming big .He has new baby called Kwese TV and is almost two years old.For sure is turning the world upside for good.

Lastly Strive Masiyiwa is a disciple for Jesus Christ of Nazareth,visionary businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.He is full of Heavenly wisdom.He honors and put God first.Wealth we can have but in all things God first and that’s Strive lifestyle.

Enos Denhere is an Entrepreneur,Civic Educator in-line with Motivational Speaking and Business Developer.He is looking for Vocational Opportunity in Entrepreneriul/Business Developing and Civic Hubs in USA/UK/EUROPE/CHINA/AUSTRALIA/SA.Enos Welcomes invites to attend Business/Civic Forums in connection with nations building forums.


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Persevere ,Beware Of Dream Killers

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.Many great achievers have written inspiring statements about success.We need staying power in the journey to success.In order to succeed , your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure,Bill Cosby  once said.Success is not final ,failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts ,Winston Churchill wrote.Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other ,United States ‘ 16th president Abraham Lincoln said.The price of success is hard work ,dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lose ,we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand ,Vince Lombardi once said.Formal education will make you a living ;self-education will make you a fortune ,Jim John is believed to have said.Develop success from failures , discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success ,said Dale Carnegie. Booker T Washington said success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.To  succeed in life ,you need two things :ignorance and confidence said Mark Twain.

Many people have dreams ,but because of challenges they give up early.All you need  is the staying power.Staying  power is the ability or strength to or endure.Many people could be great today ,but because of challenges-giants on the way to success they decided to quit.If you want to succeed in life , when you set your goals you need to focus.Tell yourself I will stay here until I make it.I hear most of the time people saying it never worked when they tried once to achieve their goals because they never never persevered. It is inspiring to hear people’s success stories ,but we never ask them the reasons behind their success.We need endurance to succeed.Can you hold onto a dream fore than 10years until your dream is realised ? When a farmer sows ,he/she understands the time of sowing and reaping.People these days want microwaved success.We need to learn patience and perseverance.

On the road to success  you will find giants and sharks already working in the area you want to operate in.Most of them will be holding impressive CVs and some have experience enough to intimidate you.These are the ones who will tell you: We are experienced , what can you tell us ?”They will discourage you and make sure you give up your dream.l call them dream killers.Don’t be intimidated by their level of education ,eloquence and influence in the area you are interested in .Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of greatness ,success and achievement.When you start procrastination and you start saying ,”l ‘ will do it tomorrow.” because that sense of urgency completely goes wayside.

As a continent  ,we have a dream to see the Africa we want.We want a turn around in the area of agriculture,mining,fishing,tourism ,manufacturing and many other sectors ,wars and famine coming to an end.Our economy as a continent have to function well.We have challenges and giants we are facing.Some countries have adopted some relatively commendable  policies  which can bring a shift in terms of economy-but they facing giants of lack of funding ,strong governance,strong transparency ,institutions mandated to deal with corruption to stamp their authority without fear.Sometimes when you are in government its easy to talk and less implementation.It came a time Zambian government sold copper mines to an outside consortium for $US25million  because they couldn’t  manage to keep them.The company which came and took over the copper mines made a profit of US$75 million in three months.They did not pay the Zambian government  cash upfront for the mines.They were going to pay them over a period of time.They raised the money in government expense while country is facing the giants of poverty,unemployment and high level of aids. Ghana attained independence the same day,month and year with South Korea.But look where South Korea is now they invested in technology because they prioritize the future generation.The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a vast country with high agricultural potential. It is rich in natural resources, with an estimated $24 trillion worth of untapped deposits of raw mineral ores ,its worth, it is said, could equal the combined GDPs of the U.S. and Europe. The country possesses substantial deposits of gold, diamonds, tin, cobalt, copper and coltan—a favorite of the electronics industry—among others.. For many years, the DRC has suffered from extreme poverty pitted against extreme wealth.My country Zimbabwe we could be far if we had properly managed the mining of diamonds in Marange.We need national policies which protects our natural resources not to be exploited.

Africa have the comparative advantage when it comes to raw materials but less value addition.We loose a lot of money as we export unfinished goods to overseas and they resell them back to us with a big marginal.Why can’t we have our own value addition processing plants here in Africa. In economics, the difference between the sale price and the production cost of a product is the value added per unit. Summing value added per unit over all units sold is total value added. Total value added is
equivalent to Revenue less Outside Purchases (of materials andservices). Value Added is a higher portion of Revenue for integratedcompanies, e.g., manufacturing companies, and a lower portion of Revenue for less integrated companies, e.g., retail companies.Our competitor from other continents  will never assist us to bring beneficial concepts in our African soil because they are gaining a lot from processing our unfinished raw materials.The 2008 Nobel economics recipient ,Paul Krugman supports value addition of commodities from producer countries.The Nordic countries benefited from value addition concepts.We need people with staying power to see this programmes through.

Principles will guide us to achieve what we want as continent.We need to shift our minds from selfishness and greed in order to succeed as individuals and as a continent.God has endowed our continent with natural resources and we should be good stewards.The journey to success as continent is tough but let it be guided by integrity.The future of Africa depends on our response to the need for new breed of leaders with a new attitude.Attitude is the power of leadership.You can always make up in attitude what you lack in education.Our attitudes cannot stop our feelings ,but they can prevent our feelings from stopping us.Don’t ever  say ,”its too late for me to change.” It is never too late to make a change.Not all change is improvement but without ,there can be no improvement.The one who influences others to lead or to become leaders is a leader without limitations and l call him/her is not a dream killer.

Africa you need the staying power.We must self reflect and self correct.We deserve criticism and not sympathy.It is this criticism we must cherish.That’s the beginning of  wisdom.It open our mindset and dream again.Take your role wherever you are.Never give up .Let me assure you persevere ,beware of dream killers.

Enos Denhere is a motivational Speaker,economical activist who speaks betterment of Africa  .You can invite him at your economical and nations building forums.He is looking for sponsored opportunity in Business Developing/ Entrepreneurial Hubs in UK/EUROPE/ASIA/USA/SA to sharpen my skills so we can take Africa to where it is suppose to be in terms of development

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Church In Zimbabwe Don’t Fold Your Hands Play Your Role

I believe in unity and oneness.If you don’t honor unity you are an
enemy of progress in any society.Progress is a good legacy or
inheritance we should build for our future generation.The tomorrow is
in our youth.Church leaders you have a role to play in nation
building.First it starts spiritual  and manifest physical.In life we
have timing which operates in seasons.Season has its own atmosphere
but it can be infiltrated if not properly checked spiritual.Seasons
are determined in spiritual realm .

Our literacy rate is highest in Africa,resources and economic
potential very high.All we need as Zimbabweans is better a better
perspective and management aligned to maximize what we have.We have
invested in our education.Zimbabweans we are the finest and brilliant
mind set carriers in entire world.Many countries have imported almost
80% of our finest minds.

This is the high time Church to come up together.We should have a day
as entire body of Christ (church)   we meet to pray for our country.A
day we bless our nation.A day to shift seasons in the spiritual realm
.Zimbabwe is not cursed but blessed.The devil of darkness is a
liar.The book of Revelation 12  shows how the spiritual world is
like,Revelation 12 begins with the statement: “Now a great sign
appeared in heaven” (verse 1). The word “sign” comes from the Greek
word semeion, meaning “a sign, mark, token … an unusual occurrence,
transcending the common course of nature” (Thayer’s Greek
Definitions). The first great sign is a vision of a woman who gave
birth to a child (verse 1).Then in verse 3 we read, “And another sign
[semeion] appeared in heaven.” We thus understand that these three
symbols—a woman, a child and a dragon—represent things beyond the
ordinary events of nature. As we are going to see, these three figures
symbolize three major spiritual forces that have been at work for
several thousand years.We thank God for his word it now opens our
spiritual mindset what is happening  in our country its only God who
has the solution. verse4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of
the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the
woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child
the moment he was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who
“will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”[a] And her child was
snatched up to God and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the
wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be
taken care of for 1,260 days.7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael
and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his
angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost
their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient
serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray.
He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.10 Then I heard a
loud voice in heaven say:Now have come the salvation and the power
and the kingdom of our God  and the authority of his Messiah.For the
accuser of our brothers and sisters,
who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.
11 They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of
their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink
from death. This passage shows spiritual warfare when something good
is about to be birthed.First the devil of darkness will try by all
means to abort the goodness of the Lord.Zimbabweans don’t give up we
are the Jewel of Africa /the Israel/Switzerland of Africa and its why
devil is fighting us as a nation.Everyone is feeling the heat but
doesn’t mean we are out.

Churches lets come together. lets bury our differences.Lets put aside
our doctrines for sake of unity and progress but Jesus be the center
stage.I appeal to our Elders,government leaders,Church
leaders,political parties leaders,civil society,youth,diasporas
,scholars etc lets put Zimbabwe first ,bury our difference come up
together to rebuild the brand of our country (the jewel of Africa).
Let’s have a day we gather as whole country to pray for God to heal
our land,bless our land and restore our bread basket status.We have a
bright future as a country.We have Pastors,prophets,bishops and
apostles  from Pentecost,mainline,apostolic churches whom God is using
mightily in our country.Lets unite in the name of Jesus and agree
together for sake of development.We need to be constructive avoid
words which belittles others in our churches.God is spirit and we
should honor Him in truth and love.Lets be apolitical and be voice of
God in our country.

A united prayer meeting of the entire body of Christ(Church as a
whole) is going to open heavens for our nation.The devil of darkness
we be no longer having grip upon the progress of our beloved
nation.Lets not curse one another but lets bless each other.We are all
equal .Lets honor and respect our mother which is Zimbabwe so she can
breast feed us altogether as her children so no one will cry of
malnutrition.All things are possible to them that believe. United
prayers from church as whole will shift things in spirit and
depopulate the kingdom of darkness.All our policies and principles can
work without hindrance

May God bless our country and give us more years to see His goodness
in the land of the living.Surely we will witness the goodness of the
Lord in Zimbabwe

Enos Denhere

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Open Letter to My Presidents In Africa

Africa is my motherland.I love Africa and my heart bleed foreseeing a better Africa for our future generation.Our Elders took over the reigns from colonial masters and we all celebrated because we were now in full ownership of our continent.When some people hear names of  some African Presidents they will start to tremble.Africa our presidents are not gods they are our head of state number one and number two they are here to serve us.This is open letter to all my presidents in Africa. l am worried to see our continent falling apart.My heart is crying for future generation.Many Africans are scattered abroad  and majority in Africa have endured hardships,unrest,civil wars,drought.

My Presidents in Africa its high time you present the opportunity to all Africans  abroad,technocrats,youth and able-boded citizens to help our economy stabilize.Some Africans fear to come back home because of the fear of unknown while others have genuine political reasons.Lets bury political difference for sake of progress and remember we have future generation.Its about future generation-our youth should be our priority.The fruits of our freedom from colonial bondage should be seen in developing our future generation.What are we doing our Heads of State in improving our youths.I always tell people youth are not a security threat but they want to see development in future generation before they are lured into things which kills their destiny e.g drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, crime, involving in false religion which lead into believing in terrorism and no longer respecting humanity.

I hate to see our continent falling apart.Lets take out systems which are creating barriers of  progress of our continent. Remove customs duties  in our borders which are causing our people to suffer as they pay all the money they have on customs duties and bribery and on there way home they need to pay the police if they don’t want delay.Another issue to get a business permit  that’s another story of bribery and corruption issues on and on ;the system working against our progress .This has going for many years in many countries in our continent.My Presidents I know you are hearing all this stories happening in our nations.

What was happening in the past doesn’t matter what matters is what are you going to do from point on? Lets  bury the past forgive each other .We are Africans called by our motherland which is our continent.We are one people.Lets unite.Heads of  African States this the right time you extend a hand of invitation with warm welcome to all Africans abroad to come and invest home and stand against any system which hinders the progress of our continent.Soon you will be handing the torch to youth for future generation but they you to uplift them not oppress .

All we need is as Africans is better a better perspective and management aligned to maximize what we have-application

Enos Denhere is an activist who champions betterment of Africa and Entrepreneur

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