Open Letter to My Presidents In Africa

Africa is my motherland.I love Africa and my heart bleed foreseeing a better Africa for our future generation.Our Elders took over the reigns from colonial masters and we all celebrated because we were now in full ownership of our continent.When some people hear names of  some African Presidents they will start to tremble.Africa our presidents are not gods they are our head of state number one and number two they are here to serve us.This is open letter to all my presidents in Africa. l am worried to see our continent falling apart.My heart is crying for future generation.Many Africans are scattered abroad  and majority in Africa have endured hardships,unrest,civil wars,drought.

My Presidents in Africa its high time you present the opportunity to all Africans  abroad,technocrats,youth and able-boded citizens to help our economy stabilize.Some Africans fear to come back home because of the fear of unknown while others have genuine political reasons.Lets bury political difference for sake of progress and remember we have future generation.Its about future generation-our youth should be our priority.The fruits of our freedom from colonial bondage should be seen in developing our future generation.What are we doing our Heads of State in improving our youths.I always tell people youth are not a security threat but they want to see development in future generation before they are lured into things which kills their destiny e.g drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, crime, involving in false religion which lead into believing in terrorism and no longer respecting humanity.

I hate to see our continent falling apart.Lets take out systems which are creating barriers of  progress of our continent. Remove customs duties  in our borders which are causing our people to suffer as they pay all the money they have on customs duties and bribery and on there way home they need to pay the police if they don’t want delay.Another issue to get a business permit  that’s another story of bribery and corruption issues on and on ;the system working against our progress .This has going for many years in many countries in our continent.My Presidents I know you are hearing all this stories happening in our nations.

What was happening in the past doesn’t matter what matters is what are you going to do from point on? Lets  bury the past forgive each other .We are Africans called by our motherland which is our continent.We are one people.Lets unite.Heads of  African States this the right time you extend a hand of invitation with warm welcome to all Africans abroad to come and invest home and stand against any system which hinders the progress of our continent.Soon you will be handing the torch to youth for future generation but they you to uplift them not oppress .

All we need is as Africans is better a better perspective and management aligned to maximize what we have-application

Enos Denhere is an activist who champions betterment of Africa and Entrepreneur

You can invite him at Nations Building and Business Forums


Call/app +263773894975


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