Rebuild Africa

Africa  needs  the citizens to focus about future generation. Who is going to stand up and say I am ready to rebuild t Africa?  Liberia is just one example on a long list of African states that have spent years on the brink of collapse but slowly they are coming out of that pit. Keeping this in mind, a better approach  in  rebuilding Africa would begin with a diagnosis that takes full account  of our characters   and does not assume that the same therapy will work on all of us. The international community cannot get heavily involved in all of Africa’s problem countries all the time. Let us rise up the beauty and improvement of our continent is in our hands. What have you done to bring a difference in your community/ nation? Can we count you a nation builder or you are destroying the legacy of future generation because of  being greedy and selfishness . Do you know you can be the channel of greatness of your people in your community or nation. Most of our nations in Africa needs rehabilitation/ moral adjustment to understand that we are out of colonial era. We need wisdom and cleverer approach in solving issues as a continent.

Let us thrive to fight hunger,famine,civil unrest ,political turmoil before this showed itself in Africa. We have D.R.C , South Sudan, Somalia etc facing civil unrest , famine and war lords have created bases in this so called nations. All this affected people are my brothers and sisters who need us Africans to assist them to see the light of freedom. During the colonial era all nations in Africa rose up with one voice declaring all Africans states must be liberated. The likes of Samora Micheal , Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere played a big role during liberation struggle to almost all states in Africa to attain freedom.

Africa my motherland ; your breasts meant to breastfeed me and my fellow african’s  have been hijacked by war lords who calling themselves mercenaries , bad governance ,corruption ,greediness ,terrorism , xenophobia and dictatorship. Fear has gripped me I can’t travel to certain nations for fear of xenophobia ,war lords ,terrorists and i can’t exercise my right as an African in other countries. My motherland who is causing the confusion ,we are now malnourished as citizens as some multinational companies are harvesting all resources they give bribes to evade taxes in other states and causing us Africans to turn against each other as some sponsor warlords to destabilize peace so they can loot .Our own brothers and sisters have also become greedy they make sure they only breastfeed from you alone and never give others chance.They loot all resources to suit themselves.

Progress of our continent starts in our mind. Africa way to success need renewal of mind to all its people. Let us say a BIG NO to corruption ,bad governance ,greenness , civil wars, poverty and say BIG YES to good governance , development and better living standards . We are destined for greatness Africa. Let us fight a good fight of betterment of our continent. Please follow and like our page on Rebuild Africa

Africa is heading for greatness. You and I can make a difference. We need the international Community in our rebuilding exercise because the global market its now dynamic.The rule of the game we need fairness. Let bring betterment into our nations.

Enos Denhere is a nation builder ,business developer and Motivational Speaker .He is looking for dynamic opportunities where he can have cross pollination of ideas with other nation builders


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