Chicken Slice sued over food contamination.

My countrymen let’s value humanity more than money. Spirit of ignorance is on its high level. No one cares for anybody. Citizens I urge you to know your rights. No one is above the law .We are all equal guided by our book called the constitution of Zimbabwe. The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has its origins deeply rooted in the great and noble cause of protecting and empowering consumers by monitoring product quality and service to ensure total adherence to reasonably accepted standards. Consumer Council of Zimbabwe are we still spearheading advocacy to citizens to know what is called consumer right.

On the 24th of June 2017 at about 1445hrs a man bought a regular pizza meat deluxe at Bulawayo Chicken Slice Bulawayo outlet along 9th Avenue CNR Fort Street. When he was now eating the pizza he discovered a big housefly inside a clear sign that the food was contaminated and immediately went back to show the cashier. The cashier invited two other male staff who witnessed the discovery. A female manager also came and notified him that she can’t assist him but gave him the mobile number of marketing personnel who said to be in Harare. The number 073195810 was phoned but the owner of the phone ignored the calls.

The man suffered psychological trauma as of eating and autimately discovering a disease vector a housefly in his food. The supplier of the contaminated food is however numb, insensitive and impersonal on this to the extent of  being evasive regarding the medical assistance This issue has evolved into a legal challenge and therefore in the courts after Muzvuzvu Law Chambers have instituted legal proceedings at the Bulawayo magistrate courts .

Lastly consumers stand for your right. We have equal protection before the law.

Enos Denhere is a member of a formative think tank that seeks to build a vibrant Zimbabwe and Africa society through youth mobilization in social economic empowerment. Enos is willing to participate in nation building and entrepreneurs’ forums.


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