Don’t Give Up On Your Dream? Dream Again.

Don’t give up on your dream. I say to you ;you destined for greatness. Why do you want to give up today after striving all the years ? Don’t let situation have the final say on your dream ? I encourage you to hear from people for guidelines but weigh them before implementation . It’s not every advice will built you. Some advices grab them . Tell the inner man in you that you destined for better tomorrow. There is no hero without a story. Testimonies are birthed from tests . For you to arrive to that place you need to be refined . The situations around you can act as refinery , preparing you for the next assignment ahead of you . Maybe it is helping you to become a person of integrity .

First write down the vision of your dream . Plan over your dream. What you want to achieve in so so time? Time planning is very important to dreamers. A wise dreamer will never close his/her eyes when dreaming . He /She remains focused whether storm hits him/her . What are stumbling blocks you are facing to achieve that goal? I know you gave yourself time that I would had achieved this and that at so and so time . Nothing is showing up . I encourage you to refresh a bit and after a while go back to the dream. The time of refreshing I call it the time of taking water. Just imagine it’s hot after taking shower you will feel refreshed. You are thirsty the time you will drink water you feel cool and refreshed . No matter how hungry you are the first thing you want its water before taking any meal . You are hungry to make your dream come to pass. First take water to refresh . The water time is the time you give to yourself not even imagining/concentrating on your dream.You shift your mindset to other things for certain period. After the break . Make a come back. You will be having new brains full of ideas and zeal on your dream. The new prescription of medicine to heal your dream will be birthed.

Staying on a thing and seems nothing is happening. It creates fatigue and makes someone to loose hope.I encourage you to go for the water time . Destiny is never built in one day but its process which needs patience and spirit of determination. All you need surround yourself with dreamers . You need people who speak positive of what you want to achieve.

Failure is optional but success is a must.You destined for greatness never give up . Continue climbing the mountain of your dream you will make it to the summit .Think all the years you invested in that dream then small obstacle broke your zeal/morale on your dream and you gave up. Retrace that dream . Being knocked once doesn’t mean you are out of the race.Gather the momentum and rediscover your goals. The Wright brothers took years observing birds flying and they discovered that the legs of birds are hollowed and this helped the Wright brothers to invent an aeroplane.

You are next to be a ground breaker. You will write a new story about your family , community and country for good . Dream again.

Enos Denhere is a Nation Builder, Motivational Speaker and Business Developer.You can invite him for motivational speaking and nation building forums.
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