Let’s Address Poverty Individual And As A Nation.

It’s painful to build a business but it’s more painful to remain poor person . What I know ;If you work hard expect to be successful ; if you don’t work Hard expect more poverty and struggle? Poverty it’s a thing not to admire on. Poverty is rough ,it makes your voice not to be heard in your community . Poverty kills health mind. It limits someone from stretching his mindset into seeing innovation realm .He/she will be thinking on the present situation . It makes someone not ever like be among other people as he/she feel secluded. Poverty is spiritual , in mindset ; can be determined by your surroundings and your level on your commitment upon your living standard.

The political/harsh economical situation in a nation can reduce citizens to destitution status . Majority , will live a life of begging. Poverty contributes to crimes , prostitution, gambling etc. Our prisons are full of people who committed crimes drove by poverty . Poverty it’s not an easy thing ladies and gentlemen it needs to be addressed individually ,nation and as a continent. Many homes have been broken because of poverty which leads to extra affairs in order to supplement the income. Children born in poverty are likely to drop out from school . Dramatic events are happening as some parents are forcing there children into early marriage and they are vulnerable to sexual transmitted diseases . Some families do not know where the next meal will come from. Money is incredibly tight; times are incredibly hard to some families.
Poverty relegates you to third class citizen . You will always worship the advantaged citizens. Poverty will make you not to smile as you are always mourning your situations .

People Need Positive Motivators.No matter what the country is going through have a willing spirit of working. You should have a mentality of breaking the ground no matter the circumstances surrounding you . Policies can hinder you make to the top but you can surpass the human understanding. As individual , you have a role to play to break the yoke of poverty . You need to shift your mind from the current situation and be positive about yourself.Don’t feed yourself with negative thoughts . Never be intimidated by the giant you seeing now . It will be a thing of past one day . Focus to where you are going. Negative thoughts can whisper to you and say ,” the mountain of poverty is ahead of you.” Fear will engulf and zeal depart.You need positive minded people around you. The government has a role to see it’s citizens enjoying life. They have to promote betterment of living to its people, policies which attracts foreign direct investments and safeguard its citizens from poverty conditions .

Enos Denhere is a leader in life coaching ,Motivational Speaker and Nation Builder. You can invite him to attend business and nation building forums
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