A Nigerian Businessman Tony Elumelu is empowering Entrepreneurs In Africa.

“ As an entrepreneur myself, I understand what it feels like to yearn for a lifeline, to hope for a ‘big break’, to look forward to enjoying some luck.”, vowed that Tony O. Elumelu. Tony O. Elumelu is a man championing empowering African entrepreneurs. He is passionate about the continent’s development through entrepreneurship and competitiveness .

Entrepreneurs are like gamblers, and like any gambler, their chances of winning increase if they have the right cards.Entrepreneurs also need creativity. Think about Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg; these two entrepreneurs brought innovative products to the market that changed the way we live. Successful entrepreneurs innovate in one of two ways. They can bring an entirely new product or service to the market, like the first cellular phone. On the other hand, they can radically improve upon something in a dramatic way, just like the iPhone changed the world of smart phones.

Initiative is also required. Entrepreneurs lead. If you are not willing to start without being pushed, your new business will never get off the ground. Independence is also a paramount attribute for entrepreneurs. Nobody holds an entrepreneur’s hand, and they don’t want any hand-holding. Successful entrepreneurs must be willing to go it alone and succeed or fail on their own effort without relying much on the other people.

The Tony Elumelu came up with an initiative to empower the entrepreneurs. The foundation (TEF) was founded in 2010 by Nigerian businessman Tony O. Elumelu, and positioned as a 21st century catalytic philanthropy. As a primary driver of Africapitalism, the Foundation is committed to the economic transformation of Africa by enhancing the competitiveness and growth of the African private sector, through a push for entrepreneurship.The Foundation aims to promote excellence in business leadership and entrepreneurship across Africa. One of its driving aspirations is the improvement of the competitiveness of African economies.The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP); A decade-long $100m initiative designed to give training, mentorship and seed capital to 10,000 entrepreneurs with start-up business ideas they want to execute in Africa.Many young people across Africa have benefited and still to benefit from the Tony Elumelu programme .Over 93,000 African Entrepreneurs applied from 55 African countries, more than doubling the number of applications received in 2017 and 1,000 made to Tony Elumelu entrepreneurs for 2017.

Testimonies are powerful ,they ignite the buried zeal and reignite dreams.Here are some testimonies of other Tony Elumelu Fellows.Vitumbiko Zgambo said , “Being a part of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme has helped me become very bold and daring. The programme helped my networking skills and gave me the opportunity to think beyond my imagination. The funding helped me increase my business- I got more farming land and that’s how I also opened the fresh mart. I moved from being a venture with one employee to about 20 employees”. Simbarashe M from Zimbabwe vowed ,”The past 12 weeks of training have changed my thought process as an entrepreneur, I am now hard wired for success. The team at The Tony Elumelu Foundation are so helpful and very responsive to queries. I cant wait for the forum”.

Tony Elumelu, his heart is on young African entrepreneurs. He believes in equipping with training and capital seeding for start ups.Lee Shau Kee once said , “Work hard and persevere. Clear enough”, “save your first bucket of gold” – or small fortune – from work, but then use it for investments. Don’t just park money in the bank. “For men, find a job that you will be happy with and work hard at. Women, in line with an old Chinese proverb, should marry the right man. Don’t marry too early in life. It’s better to work hard when young and establish a career first. For those already successful, money can become a controlling factor in life and make you a slave to it. One way to avoid that: Philanthropy. Giving away money to the right cause, with a leveraged effect and your own involvement in how it is spent, will give you peace of mind; try to maximize the number of people that can benefit from an individual contribution”.

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Hosiah Chipanga Threatens Fireworks

Yesterday midnight while everyone was retiring to bed ,thanks to the empowering of technology I was flipping through my phone checking my contacts. Suddenly , Hosiah Chipanga appears in my chats. I didn’t waste much time I called him .The network connection was a bit inconviencing hence I resorted to his whats-app inbox , whithin a couple minutes the Kwachukwachu icon responded.

We started our conservation which lasted for about an hour.I first asked him to tell Zimbabweans who is the man behind the Hosiah Chipanga on tv. These were his words ,”Hosiah Chipanga is great a musician in Zimbabwe ,I started music career when Zimbabwe attained independence and i will not stop as long my spirit,soul and body is still together.” Hosiah is known for his comic and satirical lyrics that focus on social commentary and Sungura maestro. His head butting dance stole the wave during 2005 until now even in the modern Pentecost churches you can see them belting the dance. Since 1982, Chipanga has been fronting the band Broadway Sounds which he changed to Vaparidzi Veshoko in 2007.Over the years Chipanga has belted out hit singles that include; Kwachu Kwachu, Gushungo ,Zipe Nhuwa ,Ndafunga Zano among many others.

The Sungura maestro has promised his fans fireworks that very soon is releasing a new album entitled Gumi Remitemo YaMwari Yakazara (The Ten Comandments Of God. Hosiah emphasized that his music is not for his followers to dance and enjoy themselves but to hear the message in it from their creator.He also said ,” I don’t sing political lyrics but my songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit to give guidance on what God is saying to His people and I am an evangelist through my music.” To Hosiah Chipanga’s followers the Kwachu Kwachu veteran hasn’t forgotten you .

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Dangote Believes In Africa

The Chinese bamboo is an amazing tree , it’s seed stays underground for 5 years without germinating but when it does ,it grows 50feet in 1 week.What is important is not how long it delays but how fast it grows.Don’t give up on your dreams on Africa no matter how long it stays underground. It’s a matter of time , you need the staying power . The Chinese bamboo seed lies underground waiting for the right time to shoot out. Africa once dubbed the black continent is starting emitting light arrays. No situation is permanent.Africa needs the citizens to focus on future generations. Who is going to stand up and say I am ready to rebuild Africa?.

Previously, Africa has been failing to realize economic growth, this was mainly caused by the in access to information by Africans who are supposed to effectively take part in their economies. Now an average African can access vital economic information through the increased use of technology in economic and business affairs. This has closed the gap between the African economies and the rest of the world.Ten years ago , it was almost impossible for an ordinary African to communicate with rest of the world. These ordinary citizens are now empowered and have become the drive of the economy , without a doubt such a massive economic participation by ordinary citizens is a guarantee of a massive economic turn around in Africa. His Excellence Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda,once said ,” In Africa today, we recognize that trade and investments and not aid are major pillars of development.” Ordinary Africans have for long been seen as people in need of donations, this was mainly because of passive economic participation. However, people in Africa are now active in economics, they are now entrepreneurs instead of charity cases, this therefore rightfully supports and explains what Kagame meant when he said the above.

The way to go is to believe in our capability strategies of economic growth.Before laying the foundation ,first key to unlock is to believe .The Group Chief Executive ,Old Mutual Julian Roberts said ,” We wouldn’t be investing as much in the rest of Africa , If we didn’t believe . Africa is going to be success story in the next few decades.” It’s true Africa will face economic difficulties here and there , but like every other economy in the world it will recover and still grow. ” I have investments in 21 countries and despite the dwindling commodity prices and all the concerns being raised by the world my investment in Africa have not be dwindled”, said Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Heirs Holdings.

You can create a generational legacy by being part of Africa during it’s economic turn around . Aliko Dangote ,President and CEO, Dangote Group and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum On Africa vowed that ,” Africa is the fastest- growing economic region in the world.This is the right place to invest.” Be part of this movement, invest in Africa and be part of it’s emerging legacy.

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Busisa Moyo among the best minds we have in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans are hard working people .They thrive by all means to make
a living . We have young and old people who can bring the glory/light
of our nation which will be not hide from other nations , as it will
like a city planted on top a hill. My fellow countrymen , thrive by
all the means to make sure they feed their families. Yes , the
economical conditions are harsh . We have innovative minds in our
nation Busisa Moyo is a seasoned business executive, industrialist and
entrepreneur. He is the Immediate Past President of The Confederatiom of
Zimbabwe Industries, Zimbabwe premier business and manufacturing association.
He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of United Refineries Limited the
largest cooking oil manufacturer is Zimbabwe. United Refineries Ltd produces
fast moving consumer goods . The company was founded in 1946 and is
based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe . Many firms closed all their operations
in Bulawayo and
across the nation but URL is still standing and growing big as
international brand. When the river is flooded some people have
techniques to cross over to other side and skills on how to refuse
heavy force of the flood to drown them. Busisa Moyo is one of the
finest minds we have in our country .If we have more Busisa’s Moyo in
our industry , for sure we will witness a huge a turn around in our
economy. He is a pastor and sits in several corporate boards.

Martin Luther King Jr once said ,” I have a dream that one day people
will understand ,that English is a language not a measure of
intelligent.” I encourage fellow countrymen never be undermined by
your English eloquence or level of education to trace your steps of
success . Sangulani Chikumbutso has become the first Zimbabwean to
design and make an electric powered vehicle and a hybrid helicopter
among other gadgets through his company SAITH Technologies . A Form 2
dropout Chikumbutso, who was born and bred in the high density suburb
of Kuwadzana .The biggest of his inventions is his Greener Power
Machine (GPM) which is set to revolutionize the energy sector . An
invention involves an inventive step if , when compared with what is
already known, it would not be obvious to someone with a good
knowledge and experience of the subject .

I believe its high time we come up with innovation hubs in our
country.If we don’t harness the skills and innovations ideas of our
people other nations will be busy luring them with greener pastures
and reaping from our sweats . l encourage our government and corporate
firms to set up Innovation Hubs . We should not procastinate and wait
for Foreign Institutions to establish their own innovation hubs .There
expertise and input is highly recommended yet this should take place
when we have established our own platforms at grassroots levels . lam
trying to emphasize that we should have passion on this before helpers
from International community comes in with there expertise and inputs.
Lets continue thinking out of the box and come up with our own
innovations as Zimbabweans .

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