Democracy Alive IN Tsvangirai Legacy.

Image result for tsvangiraiAs the nation of Zimbabwe and indeed the entire Southern Africa mourn the passing on of Dr Morgan Tsvangirayi.The hope of an emerging democracy in Zimbabwe is not dead . The spirit and commitment to keep the hopes of a new democracy were shown by the current changes taking place  which were initiated by Tsvangirayi and then he leaves it to us to complete  his mission .

The time for mourning a great man  should coincide with serious reflection and celebration of the legacy that he build for us. His death coming as it does at a relatively middle age should encourage us to always to groom young people to understudy our creative endeavors .This is nearly what he did by building a team of successors who will light the torch of democracy and possible inspire a special field of study into his model of nationhood and  governance.There is a strong sense of humility that marks his life from gentle transition during trade unionism into active politics.  Lessons learnt are that an opposition politician can produce greater impact outside parliament and outside government    and yet still remain relevant to the body politic.

He managed to draw interesting  parallels between his movement and other great opposition groups in the world. His networking and diplomatic capabilities were sharpened by passion and deep sense of love for mankind. Standing at the head of the main opposition in Zimbabwe also translated into a global understanding of humble opposition leaders and how to deal with internal and external conflict.

Since opening the broad chapters of democracy in Zimbabwe.No other leader has lived a life like his ; so full of mixtures ; twists and turns and serious disappointments along the way . It is interesting that he managed to contain both remarkable successes as prime minister and serious setbacks which he managed to outwit.As we lay him to rest in peace let us energise ourselves to insure that his legacy comes out alive and breathing on our nation. And indeed will emulate this great leader to the better ends of our efforts to strengthen our democracy.

Enos Denhere is commentator in nation building and business developing.


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