Ursula M. Burns The First CEO Black Woman To Run A Fortune 500 Company In USA.

There are people who are born to be ground breakers nomatter  barriers ahead of them. Some will be busy crying for conducive enviroment inoder to breakthrough. Others point to their failure to issue of racism. Yes racism can hinder progress but their people who shut their ears from what they hear about their skin and focus on destiny. Destiny is a prize accolade worth to fight for .Ursula Burns dified all odds of hindrance eg race and gender to become the first black CEO woman in USA  , the CEO of Xerox, the first black woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company, and the first woman to succeed another as head of a Fortune 500 company.Burns served as Xerox CEO from 2009 to 2016 and Xerox chairwoman from 2010 to 2017.In 2014, Forbes rated her the 22nd most powerful woman in the world.Among other civic positions, she was a leader of the STEM program of the White House from 2009 to 2016, and head of the President’s Export Council from 2015 until 2016.

Ursula Burns

Burns in 2004
Born Ursula M. Burns
September 20, 1958(age 59)Panama City Panama
Nationality American
Education  Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute,Columbia University
Occupation Businesswoman
Known for Former CEO of Xerox
Salary US$18.7 million (2014)
Title Chairman, VEON
Senior advisor, Teneo
Board member of VEON
Spouse(s) Lloyd Bean
Children 1 daughter, 1 stepson

Ursula was born  on the September 20, 1958, is an American businesswoman. She is the chairman of VEON, a senior advisor to Teneo, and a non-executive director of the beverage company Diageo since April 2018, among other directorships  such as Uber.Burns was raised by a single mother in the Baruch Houses, a New York City housing project. Both of her parents were Panamanian immigrants. She attended Cathedral High School, a Catholic all-girls school on East 56th Street in New York. She went on to obtain a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1980 and a master of science in mechanical engineering from Columbia University a year later.She has since received additional honorary degrees from several universities in USA which include Howard University.Burns made headlines in 2009 when she became the first black woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company.Burns has been exceptionally visible during her tenure, making frequent public appearances. Burns pushed for the $6.4 billion acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services that closed in 2010.

Don’t let  the enviroment dedicate your destiny . Be a fighter nomatter your gender. I know it is hard on African Americans ladies to be CEO’s in USA but I know we have many Ursula’s .First have positive settings in your mindset and fight for your destiny. You will make it.

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Israel’s Desert Agriculture experience and technologies can help transform agriculture in Zimbabwe and Africa

Agriculture in Israel is a highly developed industry. Israel is a major exporter of fresh produce and a world-leader in agricultural technologies despite the fact that the geography of the country is not naturally conductive to agriculture. More than half of the land area is desert, and the climate and lack of water resources do not favor farming. Only 20% of the land area is naturally arable. In 2008 agriculture represented 2.5% of total GDP and 3.6% of exports. While farmworkers made up only 3.7% of the work force, Israel produced 95% of its own food requirements, supplementing this with imports of grain, oilseeds, meat, coffee, cocoa and sugar.Israel is home to two unique types of agricultural communities, the kibbutz and moshav, which developed as jews all over the world made aliyah to the country and embarked on rural ressettlement .
Desert agriculture in Israel is one of the country’s greatest successes, and something at which Israel leads the world. The Negev Desert which covers over 60% of the country has actually shrunk in size over the past century as agricultural activity has turned sand into green fields, the opposite to the desertification trend which much of the rest of the world is battling to prevent. Even in the depths of Israel’s Negev Desert are gems of agriculture amid the harsh, dry conditions, and relatively mineral-deprived sandy soil.


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Rwandan Youths Occupying Influential posts in Government and Cabinet

Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa which walk the talk in the 2020 Vision. The country has demonstrated that the issue is not on talking but on implementation. On implementing the 2020 Vision,  the government didn’t leave the youths behind. Youths are not a security threat to the nation building. The youths are the country sovereign defenders. The youths have fresh minds, legs to run around, absorb quickly to the new technology.Maduo a ditshwantsho a Paul Kagame

The Rwandan president trusted the youth in his government to run with the vision. Majority of the government platforms are being headed by youth in Rwanda. It is not enough to be young. Youth is not a qualification. And as trendy as it may be, especially around Africa, its romanticisation cannot be a sufficient basis for one to be assigned serious responsibility let alone to become Cabinet Minister. Not in Rwanda; Rwanda means business. It is not about to disregard the adage that youth is wasted on the young. Moreover, the president is not known to do things simply because they are fashionable. So, what else was considered? A generation placed faith in and prepared for, those that would come after it. It is now calling upon the youth to express its youthfulness in innovation and in adding different dimensions of service delivery and efficient state management; youthfulness also means to shed-off the conservatism that gradually creeps into the scientific state.

We need Youth to be involved in nation building and programs that seek to improve there well being. In targeting youth duty bearers we have to ensure there is gender equity and quality so that there are no disparities in our programs. Lets blend elders and youth in our governments in Africa. Youth alone can cause discord also elders can’t do it alone you need youth because they still have energy and fresh minds and zeal for work. Governments in Africa should not fear its citizens and citizens should not fear their governments. We need one another as Africans we can’t do without each other. Let us develop Africa. We have talented people in Africa. Let’s do not sideline their views and their resources. Regardless of there station in life. Every son and daughter of the African soil has a right to participate in resource mobilization and capacity utilization so as to fully benefit as citizens of the continent. Let’s ensure that youth are meaningful involvement in country level affairs before they get lured into terrorism, xenophobia, drug trafficking and other vices. Let’s have an inclusive approach where every citizen feels the country ownership and so will find rebelling against fellow citizens a needless enterprise.

Last and least  I salute the turn around which Rwanda is going through.  The youth has a major task in Africa in terms of development. My warning to youth in Africa.  let us stand as Sovereignty defenders/nation builders not to be bootlickers who are occupying government offices to maximize the power of sitting president. The future of Africa is in youth.

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Please persevere! Your journey is worth it!

The road to success isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sometimes, you will want to give up! Please persevere! Your journey is worth it! Many great achievers have written inspiring statements about success. We need staying power in the journey to success .In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure, Cosby once said. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts, Winston Churchill wrote. The success starts in the mind. Mindset need good settings in order to persevere because sometimes life can be rough .It doesn’t mean you are out of the game. It is a season. Failure is not final until you programmed it in mindset. Don’t give up on your dream. I say to you; you destined for greatness. Why do you want to give up today after striving all the years ? Don’t let situation have the final say on your dream? I encourage you to hear from people for guidelines but weigh them before implementation. It’s not every advice will built you. Some advices grab them. Tell the inner man in you that you destined for better tomorrow. There is no hero without a story. Testimonies are birthed from tests. For you to arrive to that place you need to be refined. The situations around you can act as refinery, preparing you for the next assignment ahead of you. Maybe it is helping you to become a person of integrity.

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Focus on your area of gift one day it will bear fruits. I remember when my first article was published in our local newspaper under letter to the editor. It boosted my genes of writings skills and birthed the zeal to continue even I wasn’t getting money. First establish yourself in your area you gifted. Don’t rush for money but master skills in area of interest and establish name in that area. The established name attracts money. You can be gifted but if you don’t have the name it is like climbing the mountain. I encourage you first for people to recognize your voice before rushing for money.

Dream is the foundation of destiny .Every great man started with dream before accomplishment. A dreamer fights for his destiny. Don’t give up on your dream. I say to you dream again. In 1964  in Oslo Norway Dr King was awarded the Nobel Prize for great work he did which was birthed from his passion to see equality in the nation of America despite your race ,color, tribe. Few people including Dr King expected that black man could actually win the Nobel Prize. It was a triumphant and an historic moment. This what Dr King said, “For the last 10days, l have been on a literal mountaintop having transfiguring experiences. We’ve had the privilege of meeting and talking with kings and queens, meeting and talking with prime ministers of nations, meeting and talking with the humble people of the land. l wish l could stay on this mountaintop wish l could stay here tonight ,but the valley calls me.There are those who need hope. There are those who need to find a way out. As l go back to this valley I go back with a faith. l go back with a faith that truth and justice will rise again. l go back with a faith that the wheels of the gods grind slowly , but exceedingly fine. l go back with the faith that you shall reap what you sow. With that faith, l go back to the valley.” In other ways Dr King taught us about the pain and promise, renewed faith, love, courage .Let us begin with energy and hope, with faith and discipline, let us not quit until our work is done. The Bible says,” Let us not grew weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. “Martin Luther King Jr. never lost heart.

Pain and fatigue is part of the journey of success but giving up is not mandatory. All you need is renewed energy on that goal. People can say anything they want but never give up. Have a positive mindset. Avoid negative mindset and the fear of unknown. The real truth giants and sharks exists in the area of your interest. You need the stone of David which killed Goliath mindset. The purpose is the discovery of a reason for your existence and is defined as the original intent for the creation of a thing and your purpose is key to your passion. Your strengths of breakthrough in every area of passion is stored in your God’s given ordained gifts. The passion is so important? In the Bible, we read “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Your plans will be successful if you truly desire to accomplish them. The word desire denotes not a casual interest in life ,but a deep ,possessed drive for a desired end-a passion for a purpose .If you don’t have a passion for something ,you won’t receive it.Ask yourself ,are  just existing ,or you pursuing a reason for living? You should not just do, you need feel what you’re doing. Your passion continually motivates and inspires you. You need to have lifetime assignments. The truly lifetime assignment is not the accomplishment of a list of goals because goals are temporary. Truly   lifetime assignment is manifested when you discover a destination for your life that is compelling that you will have completed your purpose for living once you accomplish it.Passion is a key to assignment because your desire is meant to be your destiny. The Bible tells us,” Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Our purposes and passions are the perpetual ideas, dreams, thoughts and visions that fill our hearts or subconscious minds. The creator has “hidden” his will inside each of us. The creator places his desires in our hearts or subconscious minds and then promises to fulfill them. Your passion is
supposed to come from that hidden treasure of desire that he has put within you. Sometime, it’s not easy for us to recognize the source of life’s passion because desires are often bigger than our pocketbooks, the level of our education, cultural abilities, our race and we figure that someone is meant to accomplish them. If you want to make it, tell yourself lam going to go after this no matter what happens. If l have to wait ten years, lam going to get it. Passionate people are “possessed” people. You can’t be successful unless you have a real inner need to accomplish something in particular. You need to discover an assignment in your community, world, and generation and committed. Be willing to pay the price to obtain your desire. Passion is the juice for living as it helps us to rise above our daily routines (motivation) Passion comes from something outside the world this world and is connecting to it.

You are in right track because you destined for greatness.

Enos Denhere is a Leadership and Success Coach, Entrepreneur and Pastor. You can Email enosdenhere@gmail.com Call/App +263773894975 for bookings. Enos is seeking opportunies in Motivational Leadership and Success Speaking in Zimbabwe and Abroad.


African Countries Should Adopt Rwanda 2020 Vision To Boost Economy Growth And Better Health Facilities

The Rwanda 2020 vision proved to the whole world whatever is lacking ,we have means to acquire it not to depend of international aid .The main message is that we should not remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external finance. The 2020 Vision is a game changer in Rwandan economy. A better economy supersedes with better health facilities. Rwanda has made substantial gains in the health and welfare of its population over a relatively short period of time includingstand-out achievements on the Millennium Development Goals. Today, Rwanda’s 11.8 million citizens have local access to eye care and vision treatment – the first developing country to provide all its citizens with local access to affordable eye care. The Ministry of Health ventured into other partnerships example  collaboration with drone-tech start-up Zipline, which connects aid workers to fleets of pilotless aircraft via SMS, to deliver medical supplies to rural health centres. This simple innovation cuts delivery times for vital blood supplies from several hours, or even days during bad weather, to 40 minutes. It became the first country in the world to integrate drones into their health system.Maduo a ditshwantsho a Rwanda developments

Universal access to equitable and affordable quality health services for citizens in the world and should be the aim of any  Health Sector Policy. There is need of Community-Based Health Insurance  schemes that must be  developed to meet the needs of any citizen outside of the formal sector, where access to and utilization of healthcare services had been historically very low. For instance  Rwanda was one of only four African countries to have met the targets of the Abuja Declaration (to allocate at least 15% of national budgets to the health sector) and of the High Level Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems (to spend at least US$44 per capita on health). Rwanda’s near-universal health care system has been the focus of much discussion and debate in the global health community. Now reaching nearly 90% of the population, its unique funding model, which combines tax revenue, foreign aid and voluntary premiums, has been closely studied by development agencies and governments alike across the developing world.

The Rwandan government is one of very few in the world where female members of parliament outnumber men. His Excellency President Kagame rule has transformed Rwanda, enhancing peace-building and women’s empowerment, increasing economic development, and advancing the country’s education and communications technologies. Rwanda is now much-admired by people and institutions all over the world. Kigali is the cleanest city ever found in Africa.Life expectancy, literacy, primary school enrollment and spending on healthcare have all improved.More than two decades on, Rwanda’s economy, left in tatters following the genocide, has come a long way. Rwandans are generally living healthier and wealthier lives

Progress of the country starts with conducive environment and creates room for citizens to  participate in rebuilding of the nation. Most African countries should to learn from Rwanda on how to implement   vision. Rwanda 2020 vision is a tactical vision with light to future generation .

Enos Denhere Is a Entrepreneur Leadership and success speaker. He is seeking for Business Leadership Developing Job/Internship in USA . Email enosdenhere@gmail.com




Will Zimbabwe and Other Africa Countries Fully benefit/Develop from its Natural Resources Like UAE ?

Africa has a large quantity of natural resources, including diamonds, sugar, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, but also woods and tropical fruits. Having a low human density, for a long period of time Africa has been colonized by more dynamic groups, exploiting African resources. Some economists have talked about the ‘scourge of raw materials’, large quantities of rare raw materials putting Africa under heavy pressures and tensions, leading to wars and slow development. Despite these abundance of natural resources, claims suggest that many  economic powerhouses  often exploit Africa’s natural resources today, causing most of the value and money from the natural resources to go to the West and East Asia rather than Africa, further causing the poverty in Africa.

African oil takes growing importance, mainly after the 2015 oil crisis and recent oil reserves  discoveries. Sudan and Nigeria are two of the main oil producers. China owns 40% of Congo’s oil production. Oil is provided by both continental and offshore productions.  Sudan’s oil exports in 2010 are estimated by the United States Department of State at $9 billion with United States dollars.Five countries dominate Africa’s upstream oil production. Together they account for 85% of the continent’s oil production and are, in order of decreasing output, Nigeria, Lybia, Algeria, Eygpt and Angola. Other oil producing countries are Gabon, Congo, Cameroun, Tunisia, Equatorial Gueniea , the Democratic Republic of Congo,  Côte d’Ivoire and more recently, Ghana. Exploration is taking place in a number of other countries that aim to increase their output or become first time producers. Included in this list are Chad, Sudan, Namibia, South Africa and Madagascar while Mozambique and Tanzania are potential oil producers.In 2009, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had an estimated $24 trillion in untapped mineral deposits, including the world’s largest reserves of coltan and significant quantities of the world’s cobalt.The United States Geological Survey estimates that the DRC has 1 million tons of lithium resources.No automatic alt text available.

Zimbabwe is home of all natural resources including diamonds ,coal ,gold,tin ,copper etc . As a nation Zimbabwe remained stagnated for decades interms of progress . The country diamonds and other natural resources didn’t benefit the nation fiscal but only few greedy individuals. The nation progress is measured by booming of construction industry. Where the economy is performing well the construction business is at peak .Democratic Republic of Congo is number one rich in all natural resources in the world but tops in terms of poverty and unrest. The majority of Africa goverments do not want to separate politics and government issues. We need people with right mindset in Africa as a whole. We have created systems which are far much difficult for progress of our citizens than  which were there during colonial bondage. Most roads ,buildings and proper planning were done during colonial rule in most countries in Africa. Yes they looted our resources but now the big looters are own people . In Zambia State copper mines where sold at cheaper prices , Zimbabwe the diamonds were never accounted for , DRC warlords have created havens in mines sites , Nigeria few individuals owns oil fields, South Sudan no peace fighting to control resources etc. The red tape is at i’ts high level.

Why can’t we copy other countries on the way they are  utilising there resources for betterment of its people  eg United Arab Emirates .United Emirates to be were it is today was transformed from fully utilising  its natural resources and this  birthed one of the decorated metropolitan city called Dubai and other provinces.Today, the UAE is a modern, oil exporting country with a highly diversified economy, with Dubai in particular developing into a global hub for tourism, retail, and finance,home to the world’s tallest buildings,largest man-made seaport and everbusy airport in the world .The  Zimbabwe  diamond companies in Mutare  could had  made a difference in that community.In India  the city of Surat – the commercial capital of South Gujarat is known for its numerous diamond processing units. They sorce the diamonds from Africa .

I’ts high to have a collectively mindset of developing our continent .Let’s stop to worship power  and concentrate on development.Let’s value our youth and have a vibrant pairliament house like the one in Canada. We need implementors not talkers who don’t walk the talk.We need good policies. Let’s demonstrate that we are really free from colonial bondage.

Enos Denhere is an Entrepreneur , Leadership and Success Speaker . He is seeking for Business Institutes to be your  Ambassador in Zimbabwe and Africa. Denhere is interested to work with investors/business institutes with appetite in doing business in Zimbabwe and Africa. MY Resume https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/enos-denhere-your-business-developer-enos-denhere/?published=t  He wants to broaden his skills and  mind on nation building ,business development ,Leadership and Entrepreneur  ,  is seeking for fully funded fellowship program/internship in abroad  and forums on business , nation building etc. Email enosdenhere@gmail.com Call/App +263773894975
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Africa should Take Advantage of Global Recession and appetise Investors

Africa is becoming a new center of the global economic growth. The continent presents large investment opportunities which, due to a well-targeted strategic approach can generate very important return on investment. The developed countries and especially emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) which actively implement a strategy for Africa are on the right path.  The Great Britain , France and USA are also gaining momentum in positioning  in terms of interests to do business in Africa. The USA economy is stronger than the global gloom.No automatic alt text available.
Economic growth is an important weapon in the fight against poverty and hunger in African countries. Therefore the  governments in Africa have to promote and open policies which welcome  developing in private sectors. For example by helping entrepreneurs build their knowledge and skills.Good legislation leads to higher revenues and a more attractive tax and business climate in low- and middle-income countries. International organisations such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the International Monetary Fund affirm that for sustainable and collective growth to happen in a globalized era, large African economies must remove the walls separating them from the continent’s underdeveloped economies.
Africa we need collective mindsets to achieve in turning around our economy. Rwanda acts a role model in terms on how collectively mindsets can bring a fortune to the nation turn around. Let’s not just rubber stamp policies we don’t implement . Once an enabling environment is created for public-private partnerships at the country level, governments should scale up further and seek bigger partnerships at the regional level. In the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres at the 2017 G7 Summit, held in May in Taorimina, Italy, it is important to “support the continent’s aspiration to achieve regional integration, including through the free movement of people and goods, and in investments in infrastructure and info-structure…” He said innovation was key to linking regions.
We need other continents in Africa to achieve what we want. We need good policies which attracts FDI and also protect our own people to do business in our continent. Part of policies should promote Socio economic development for betterment of our own people.
Africa have varsity of opportunities in mining,plenty of sunshine,good soil ,agriculture,fresh water,tourism , oil ,gas,renewable energy. All we need are policies which appetise the investor and protects the interests of our local people .
Enos Denhere is an Entrepreneur , Leadership and Success Speaker . He is seeking for Business Institutes to be your  Ambassador in Zimbabwe and Africa. Denhere is interested to work with investors/business institutes with appetite in doing business in Zimbabwe and Africa. MY Resume https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/enos-denhere-your-business-developer-enos-denhere/?published=t  He wants to broaden his skills and  mind on nation building ,business development ,Leadership and Entrepreneur  ,  is seeking for fully funded fellowship program/internship in abroad  and forums on business , nation building etc. Email enosdenhere@gmail.com Call/App +263773894975
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