Strive Masiyiwa A Brand On His Own

Strive Masiyiwa is a brand on his own . The man has made Zimbabwe to be known in the international business circles. He is barrier breaker . Masiyiwa is a man full of wisdom ,businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Strive e-magination works overtime. What is the meaning of Strive? Strive means to try very hard to do something or to make something happen, especially for a long time or against difficulties. The man works very hard .He came across mountains, valleys, sharks, champions and BiG CVs in establishing Econet to Kwese TV. Strive is a principled and a focused gentleman. He doesn’t give up easily in whatever he pursues . The strength on Masiyiwa is that he fears God and disciple of Jesus Christ. Wisdom is the fountain of life. Strive has 2,656,050 followers on his facebook page The facebook followers are inspired and uplifted by his articles which are full of wisdom which open there eyes to see purpose of life .

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” – Bob Marley .
Masiyiwa is a product of lifetime refinery just by his experiences on his journey to Success.He is the founder ,Visionary and executive chairman of diversified international telecommunications group Econet Wireles and sits on boards other philanthropic international influential organization aside of a handful of trendsetting for profit corporates he has founded.

Lee Shau Kee once said , “Work hard and persevere. Clear enough”, “save your first bucket of gold” – or small fortune — from work, but then use it for investments. Don’t just park money in the bank. “For men, find a job that you will be happy with and work hard at. Women, in line with an old Chinese proverb, should marry the right man. Don’t marry too early in life. It’s better to work hard when young and establish a career first. For those already successful, money can become a controlling factor in life and make you a slave to it. One way to avoid that: Philanthropy. Giving away money to the right cause, with a leveraged effect and your own involvement in how it is spent, will give you peace of mind; try to maximize the number of people that can benefit from an individual contribution”.Masiyiwa has used his wealth to provide scholarships to over 100,000 young Africans over the past 20 years through his family foundation. He supports over 40,000 orphans with educational initiatives, as well as sponsoring students at universities in America, the United Kingdom, and China. Masiyiwa also funds initiatives in public health and agriculture across the African continent.

The Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe ,what they did by stripping off Kwese Tv from air its disingenuous. Other nations are now enjoying the brain storming innovation of our own son of the soil. Kwese Tv have been welcomed in many nations here in Africa including Nigeria and South Africa who are at advantageous state in terms of economy. The Zimbabwe High Court gave a green light for Kwese Tv to operate in Zimbabwe. The B.A.Z came back again and said ,” it’s illegal”. Ask ,why our economy is ailing ? We want betterment of our people , others are saying no . For , how long my beloved countrymen we are going to block each other . I once came with an initiative of low costing housing in collaboration with Spanish company I took the concept to the responsible authority board for approval and they showed interest over the houses.As time progresses ,as I was making follow up , they told me we can’t see your file . The Spanish company ended up shifting goal posts going to other countries.
We are our own stumbling block fellow countrymen . Kwese Tv is going to bring foreign currency which is needed in the country ,creation of employment and infrastructure . How many have been blocked by the deficit in proper handling of our policies beside Kwese T.v. We are all Zimbabweans . Every Zimbabwean has full legal right of ownership of this nation and to upgrade the betterment of it.

I am inspired and a passion to meet Strive Masiyiwa , Bishop T.D Jakes and Barack Obama .

Enos Denhere is Life Coach ,Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur.
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Let’s Address Poverty Individual And As A Nation.

It’s painful to build a business but it’s more painful to remain poor person . What I know ;If you work hard expect to be successful ; if you don’t work Hard expect more poverty and struggle? Poverty it’s a thing not to admire on. Poverty is rough ,it makes your voice not to be heard in your community . Poverty kills health mind. It limits someone from stretching his mindset into seeing innovation realm .He/she will be thinking on the present situation . It makes someone not ever like be among other people as he/she feel secluded. Poverty is spiritual , in mindset ; can be determined by your surroundings and your level on your commitment upon your living standard.

The political/harsh economical situation in a nation can reduce citizens to destitution status . Majority , will live a life of begging. Poverty contributes to crimes , prostitution, gambling etc. Our prisons are full of people who committed crimes drove by poverty . Poverty it’s not an easy thing ladies and gentlemen it needs to be addressed individually ,nation and as a continent. Many homes have been broken because of poverty which leads to extra affairs in order to supplement the income. Children born in poverty are likely to drop out from school . Dramatic events are happening as some parents are forcing there children into early marriage and they are vulnerable to sexual transmitted diseases . Some families do not know where the next meal will come from. Money is incredibly tight; times are incredibly hard to some families.
Poverty relegates you to third class citizen . You will always worship the advantaged citizens. Poverty will make you not to smile as you are always mourning your situations .

People Need Positive Motivators.No matter what the country is going through have a willing spirit of working. You should have a mentality of breaking the ground no matter the circumstances surrounding you . Policies can hinder you make to the top but you can surpass the human understanding. As individual , you have a role to play to break the yoke of poverty . You need to shift your mind from the current situation and be positive about yourself.Don’t feed yourself with negative thoughts . Never be intimidated by the giant you seeing now . It will be a thing of past one day . Focus to where you are going. Negative thoughts can whisper to you and say ,” the mountain of poverty is ahead of you.” Fear will engulf and zeal depart.You need positive minded people around you. The government has a role to see it’s citizens enjoying life. They have to promote betterment of living to its people, policies which attracts foreign direct investments and safeguard its citizens from poverty conditions .

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Zimbabwe is a Sleeping Giant

If we start to appreciate one another and work as a team . I tell you Zimbabwe will be the best economical pillar of Africa. The issue is on lacking on clarity.What do we want as a nation? The political situation/artmosphere is a stumbling block of the progress of our nation.We have deficit in planning and implementation. You can’t compare the current crop of members of parliament and local government authority ward representatives and cabinet ministers with guys who were there 1995 going back wards to 1980 .Few are competitive and earger to see betterment of the nation. Majority kutsvaga bag (its a platform of money spining). Where are we going as a nation? What happened to Zimasset?
The issue is that all our representatives are political owned not national/people owned. They should be difference between a political party and national approach. Let’s value our nation,it’s not an expremental ground. The most turmoil we are facing it’s politics and all political parties whether ruling or opposition have contributed to all this pandamondium we are facing as a nation.

We have a huge number of mineral resources about 43 and most of our minerals are on demand. We have finest brains in the land which makes our country to be on top interms of literacy rate in the world. We need transparency in our mining. Let’s have policy which safeguard our enviroment especially illegal mining but come with way we can promote our local people who survives in illegal mining. Our policy makers should craft policies which attracts investors in a win win scenario. Let us produce as a nation not to depend on other nations. We can start producing in mining and agriculture sectors but we need good handling of our policies . Right motive ,sober mentality and to be people of intergrity can help us to come out of this harsh economical condition.

We salute our fellow countrymen who are working outside our country who are remiting all there monies back home.Let’s have policies which will give zeal to our people to come and invest back home . In all political parties please I urge all its members please choose the finest minds to represent you and Zimbabweans when you are going to vote choose the best sober minds to represent you.

Enos Denhere Is Nation Builder and Entrepreneur

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The hope of Africa is in Its Youth and Africa citizens don’t give up on your dream!

The next torch bearers of Africa are youth. They need government in Africa to fully recognize whom there are. African youth are not security threat but they the next leaders of Africa. We have unrecorded songs ,innovations not taken to the market ,the voices which can shift the gear of our continent to greater heights but not yet heard. I believe when we blend our elders and youth definitely will reach were we want. We need to balance the gender , we have finest minds who are girl child. Let’s harness best minds for betterment of our continent . Best minds are in Africa but our youths are adding value to other continents where life is better in terms of living conditions. Check my my videos on Youtube about African and its youth.

I encourage the African youth to dream again.

Together we will make it. Let us beautify our continent.

Enos Denhere is motivational Speaker and Nation Builder.Enos welcomes invitations in Nation building Forums in Africa and entire world.

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Why families Are Falling Apart?

Why families are falling apart? The foundations of the human family are rooted right in the first beginning when God created Adam and Eve. But that they will be problems in the future families was shown by lack of trust ,betrayal and outright change of the status of the family.

The family today is still be deviled in a myriad of challenges ranging from infidelity , mistrust and abusive tendencies. Yet the question remains on, Why families are falling apart at a time when we thought the families unity of purpose are the ideal models of living together.

Romance and courtship usually at first sight build up to real marriages from people who at first did not know each other but gradually bonded by three words ,” I love you” and from there we seen mansions and children.The most worrying part and probable the foundation of the falling apart is the sudden loss of interest in the relationship. Spouses start to feel much better away from the other ,each of us becomes repulsive . If this continues each of us seeks a solution everywhere. A man/woman opts for a shoulder to cry on and this a step spouse.

This is against civilized norms that glorify one man one wife tradition . Apart from getting diseases , families will not thrive when there parallel structures and sex networks that run across the home. The seeds of family violence have already been sown .That is why emotional abuse cascades into violent crime and these are consequences of failing to get professional help when the family is in jeopardy.

In our society gruesome stories of spouses murdering each other in the bedroom , sometimes the woman can be married more than once or her husband can bear children with another woman next door. At times working spouses date their bosses and the affair ultimately becomes public. The media has played a part through awareness creation and some of the ensuing drama is quite entertaining although no one will be laughing.This is typical dead end of family tragic stories mostly because of soul tying .

N.B Issues of the heart matters . There healing takes time but time is the best healer. Lets value ,love one another as spouses . Learn to share in tolerant family environment.To safegurd your family you need God. Prayer of unity and in agreement as spouses will catapult your family from glory to glory.Shalom and peace be unto your families.

Enos Denhere
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Prophet Magaya warm heartfelt on Madoma People

Life is in categories/levels .There are people who are born with
silver platter in there mouth, others struggle to get a single meal a
day . The Doma or vaDoma (singular muDoma), also known as Dema, are a
tribe living in the Kanyemba region in the north of Zimbabwe,
especially in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts around the basins of
Mwazamutanda River, a tributary of the Zambezi River Valley. They are
the only traditional hunter-gatherers indigenous to Zimbabwe and
famous for the inherited ectrodactyly existing among some vaDoma

The leader of PHD ministries based in Harare , Walter Magaya has come
up with an initiative of inheriting all the Madoma people as way of
bringing light to them as he will build roads,building decent homes
,feeding them,clothes them etc. I salute the initiative seems powerful
as no one ever bothered in upgrading the living standards of them.
They were always regarded as primitive people.Historically, the vaDoma
chiefly dwelt in the mountains, living a largely nomadic lifestyle of
hunting, fishing, trapping, honey hunting, and gathering wild fruits
and roots. Prior to the European colonization of Africa, the vaDoma
also resisted incorporation into the Korekore Shona kingdom of
Mutapa.The mountain homeland of the vaDoma has now become the Chewore
Safari Area. In recent years, vaDoma have been threatened by game
rangers due to a crackdown on poaching. Many abandoned their
hunter-gatherer lifestyle and moved to the lowlands. Today, though
they have little contact with the majority populace, many vaDoma
families live settled lives as semi-foragers, building houses on
wooden platforms to avoid predators. During rainfall, they cover the
shelters with thatching. VaDoma are also reluctant to wear textile

I believe as a nation if you are in better state of finance. Don’t be
selfish ; let’s upgrade the livelihood of our fellow citizens. I
appreciate the same spirit which gave Magaya the warm heartfelt
towards Madoma people.Keep it up , Prophet Magaya. What is good , we
celebrate ? We have many sons and daughters of the soil who are
light of life to other communities .Keep it up.The betterment of
Zimbabwe is in us as citizens.

Enos Denhere
Nation Builder,Motivational Speaker
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