I denounce malicious damage done to me by the daughter of the devil Violet Makunike(www.musvozimbabwenews.com)

The Almighty God created us in His own image  but some they twisted in their mother’s womb to claim the nature of the devil. Not all people you call countrymen/friends/relatives/team mates likes you. Some people hate even they don’t know you.Yesterday there was some news which spread in social media orchestrated by Violet Makunike whether i’ts your real name http://www.musvozimbabwe.com . The viral publication was titled Conartist Enos Denhere and copy and pasted all the details of my  funding campaign in gofundme – https://www.gofundme.com/i-need-funding-to-travel-to-usa and manipulated them.

The truth is that i am not a con artist . I never manipulated anyone or committed internet fraud. i am genuine person who tries by all the means to break the ground in making a living. I use my brains positively for betterment of my life and my community which transfers to my city and  our world will be a better place. I started a funding campaign in gofundme.com seeking  for sponsors who can assist me to attend the   Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS in Washington USA june 2018. I am the official Representative of ATIGS in Zimbabwe and i already have the invitation package for visa process but i can’t meet the traveling,hotels and other logistics expenses.  I thought of starting a campaign for people who believes in empowering entrepreneurs could assist me. Your allegations are aimed at devaluing my effort to uplift myself and fellow Zimbabweans.Your allegations are so serious and lack of self efficacy .Your circle friends lack the natural social fiber that binds us all as human beings.You are hanging on the cliff and ultimate fall into the abyss will ensure your true demise.

Violet Makunike whether it’s her real name chose to blackmail me . Prove me wrong that iam  a conartist . Your website is full of ponorgraphic pictures and videos .Your mind is naked . You a killer of our society as Zimbabweans . Shame on you. The time is best teller .II tried to read your articles in your facebook page they just shame. I tried to check your website is full of shameful pornographic videos . I couldn’t watch but to move out quickly before i become unclean.Since you a cow but who is going to take the milk , your milk poisonous white sap from noxious plants. Whether what is troubling you it’s a virus or bacteria is non of our business but the symptoms of your madness are actual hard to deal with because you already insane. Is it the geographical location/the cold  which made you to have the mad cow disease. The  general assumption we have for Britain and Europe is the respect for human rights . Yours truly is informed there is a click of Zimbabweans in UK  working on destroying the image of zimbabweans trying to rise up back  home. That’s serpentine spirit  which bite and kill the thing which it doesn’t eat. Violet Makunike and MusvoZimbabwe.com crew are serpents and the record is setting it straight. Maguta mari yesocial welfare kuCrydon. True fighters of democracy are here back home not you  who manipulates information to British goverment so you can prolong your staying as an asylum in UK.  The time is the best teller .

In the same vein I still revive my humble request where i my access to my far away destination is already be bedeviled by both human and spiritual barriers but the true human spirit can overcome that and well wishers are still welcome to support this noble cause. https://www.gofundme.com/i-need-funding-to-travel-to-usa  https://gofundmesa.co.za/seeking-for-financial-assistance-to-travel-to-usa-goal-r-70-000/

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You can check Violet Makunike MusvoZimbabwe.com  facebook page articles https://www.facebook.com/violet.makunikeziffe/posts/1735544383330855  https://www.facebook.com/violet.makunikeziffe/posts/1717287711823189  https://www.musvozimbabwenews.com/  I don’t recommend you to visit the website is full of  devilish ponorgraphic videos .

The truth is like water .Violet Makunike  and Musvozimbabwe.com the daughter and sons of the devil. The truth will catch you wherever you are hiding. Let’s wait and see .If David killed Goaliath with a sling .If Moses asked another technique from God to kill Dathan,Korah and Abiram ,they were swallowed by the earth alive . if Osama Bin Laden thought he was a game changer but time is the best teller.Your time is coming and is nearer to ripe what you sow physical and spiritual.I respect Zimbabweans   never let this satanist initiate you into prostitution with her website so i encourage you not to visit the website.

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Do Deliverance Churches Exists?

Hosea 4 verse 6  says  , ”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me.” The word of God goes on to say in John 8 verse 32 , ”Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. “Satan the devil, a fallen angel, is the father of lies and has deceived the whole world (John 8:44; Revelation 12vs9). The truth about the gospel is centred on Jesus.You should know the tenets of the gospel. Tenet definition: The tenets of a theory or belief are the main principles on which it is based. The truth of the gospel will set you free. We have several tenets but my main focus is on deliverance.

There are many churches which are now categorized  themselves  as deliverance ministries . I am not here to argue or look down upon other churches .I want to define deliverance according to the gospel. Let’s look on Colosians 1vs12- 13 , 12giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light ,13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:If we are delivering something like flowers to a loved one, we are taking something from one location to another. That means we take possession of it and take it to another place. If we buy something at the store, we take possession of it and take it home because we own it; we have paid a price for it and bought it and it belongs to us. If you have been born again (John 3:3, 7) then you already deliverance and one day you will be presented to the Deliverer and that is Jesus Christ for you were bought with a price (1st Cor 6:20); by the precious blood of the Lamb of God, but if not, you will be delivered up to the wrath of God on the Day of Judgment that is surely coming upon all the unrepentant (Rev 20:12-15). There are no special ministries of deliverance to cast out devils .James 5vs 14-15 ,14-1 Is any one of you sick?  He should call the elders of the church to pray with him ad will annoint with oil in the name of the Lord . 15And the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick. The Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. A believer can be oppressed not possessed .The manifestation under evil spirits does not mean deliverance. Any person oppressed is delivered in the name of Jesus. The deliverer is Jesus not man ; when He  is now in your life ,you will have a new residence address. The devil uses lying wonders. People have written many books about demons and less books on angels . You will have what you see. If you see demons ,demons will follow you .If you see ministering angels for sure they will minister in your life.Many believers are now familiarising the casting out of devils with deliverance.

Why many ministries have deliverance prayer line where believers book for one on one with man of God, package water ,oil , clothes for resale and make ? You can’t sale the anointing .The anointing is worth more than money and can’t fit in any package. Yes ,God can give a message to reach His people via the mantle but not for resale. Mathew 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.
Freely you have received; freely give. We have truly anointed  women
and men full of the spirit of God but why doing what is opposite the word of God.Why do you  make people pay to have one on one with the man of God? We have seen adverts written impartation plus deliverance cost so much. I never saw where Peter /Paul in New Testament made saints to pay for impartation. Which gospel of our Saviour Lord Jesus are we following?

The purpose of the gospel is bring good news to the lost. Majority of people are in captivity .We increase the burden upon them . The almighty God is hungry for souls. He doesn’t want to see anyone going to hell. The lust of world riches have made many servants to have a blind eye on the truth of the gospel. The truth is found in the gospel of our Lord Jesus. The kingdom of God its not for competition or to challenge each other as  men of God. The kingdom business is soul winning.

Enos Denhere is the disciple of our Saviour Lord Jesus and entrepreneur. You can assist Enos on his campaign to travel to USA.Follow the campaign link /copy and paste. https://www.gofundme.com/i-need-funding-to-travel-to-usa

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Fellow continent men is busy killing fellow black man for not being a South African.Why do you kill a fellow brother ? My fellow continent men lets not think in a box.You
kill a fellow human being as if you are killing a chicken.Shame on you.Lets learn to respect human kind.Let God take his chair as the final taker of life not fellow man.I can’t expect this from a fellow black men.It makes other continents to mock Africa.This shows the last degree of no heart for other fellow African.During the apartheid
regime fellow continent men were not sleeping thinking on how they can
set free SA.You are now free you see a fellow African as an enemy.What
goes around comes around?Africa lets stand up and say no to what happened /still happening in killing of fellow black men in SA.We cant watch our fellow brothers and sisters being slaughtered like flies. What is SA police  force doing to combat crime ? How many people have died because of gun shots in SA? Just a small quarrel  you will start to hear gun shots. People are being robbed daily at gun point . In SA foreigners are like animals especially fellow continent men . Do people deserve to die like chickens ?

What does it solve killing innocent souls because you want to avenge
your grievances towards government?The blood of these innocent souls
shall avenge against those perpetrators.You can’t kill the spirit ,the spirit will not die.lam not really comfortable my fellow continent-men the way we treat each other especially South Africans treat other Africans as if they are not people..When we are hitting the mark of arriving to one billion some people are busy depopulating fellow continent-men.Africa lets be united .Lets say no to racism,xenophobic attacks to fellow Africans in South Africa  and entire continent.Fellow continent-men in SA don’t take the law into your hands ,let government do its duty towards illegal immigrants.Why killing each other Africans?The bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself. The South African police force need restructuring -its a den of corruption. Our youth in SA whether local people or foreigners learn to use your hands -work and be innovative. Don’t go into crime . The government is not the solution for your search of better life but they give you policies which open ways for implementation of God given ideas. My fellow africans who are into robbery in SA .Time will catch you ,wealth dripping blood will not take you anyway .

Xenophobic attacks happened ,nothing was done .We lost many fellow continent men.Who is behind for foreigners to be killed?As much we have bad Zimbabweans,Nigerians etc same to SA.Let the law take its justice.I condemn drug traffickers,armed robbers and murderers who kill innocent souls. Politicians don’t use the xenophobia/the issue on increase of crime as a tool of campaigning to win the hearts of local people as you blackmail foreigners while not addressing the root cause . I am saying ,” deal with crime  .” Do something on illegal guns, who brings  drugs (cocaine) into SA and human trafficking. You guard all your sea shores  and  borders with neighboring countries  so it means the syndicate involves some of your staff. Africans value money more than life .When  other continents treats us as shit holes we rush to say they are racists but lets check the root cause. We don’t like each other as fellow africans , ill treat each other ,eliminate each other ,use all vices to silence fellow black men and celebrate the downfall of  another African Country . If the ex president Thabo Mbeki head handled the Zimbabwe political problems with care for Zimbabweans . Zimbabwe couldn’t be where it is today but most neighbouring countries where benefiting from the decline of the economy and in benefiting  there are also negative attributes ; majority of Zimbabweans flooded into neighbouring  countries seeking greener pastures instead of SADC/AU solve Zimbabwe problems  they became harder on them. If it was European Union they were not going to sit down when a country in Europe is going through political/economical  hardships .They will try  by all means to bail it out. Why not doing it in Africa? It leaves me with no answer but to say my fellow continent men let us know that we are africans first before our nations.

Africans Heads of States please fight poverty, diseases ,develop your
citizens,utilize the God given resources to beautify your nations,protect your citizens,upgrade the standard of living. African governments , don’t let your citizens flood into South  Africa do something to eradicate poverty  .We are one people
whether black/white.Lets eradicate the cancer of racism,human
suffering and xenophobic attacks. We are one people .Lets stand United
and let Love prevail .

I encourage the Zululand people you are the legal owners of South Africa. Your country is beautiful and on top of all African countries. Safeguard it with a beautiful jealousy but as owners you can stop crime if you unite and implement strategies to curb illegal guns .Don’t kill  , burn people alive on pet issues of being  a kwere kwere( foreigner).The world is now in one  global village. Do what is best to keep your country floating on top


ENOS DENHERE IS A NATION BUILDER.Fund my Campaign to travel to USA.Fellow the Link https://www.gofundme.com/i-need-funding-to-travel-to-usa

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Wisdom In Your Relationship

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. There are many kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. For some, romantic relationship are the most meaningful element of life, providing a source of deep fulfillment. The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate.

Most Christians see marriage as a gift from God and a sacred institution.  Even mature believers often don’t have a clear biblical basis for their beliefs.  Having a sound Christian perspective on marriage is vitally important today as many in our society are trying to redefine marriage to fit their particular social or political agendas.Love and relationships are a central theme in the Bible, beginning in Genesis and culminating in Revelation.A great deal of evidence suggests that the ability to form a stable relationship begins in infancy, in a child’s earliest experiences with a caregiver who reliably meets the infant’s needs for food, care, protection, stimulation, and social contact. Those relationships are not destiny, but they appear to establish patterns of relating to others. Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Most of us have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make them flourish.

God’s Word really does open up to us the mysteries of the universe. It really does make us wiser than we could ever be without it. And yet, having said all this, it’s sad that we don’t take more advantage of this wisdom God has given us. It’s sad that we don’t think his thoughts after him, that we don’t require ourselves to look at life through the lens of his revelation. It’s sad that we swindle ourselves into thinking that we are wiser than we are. We’re not irritated by his foolishness, nor are we motivated to seek his help. One of the places you see this most clearly is in the struggles we experience in our relationships. We have millions of people who died  in our entire planet because of misunderstanding in  relationships. God loves relationships .For relationship need the two people to become one.All partners need to sacrifice by humbling to each other.Learn the weakness of your partner and help him /her in that area in a holistic manner. Don’t involve many people in solving the matters of relationship.  A small mistake which  just need i am sorry can destroy a relationship which was build for several years.Selfishness is focusing on your own needs and not thinking about the other person when you make important decisions or in day-to-day interactions.

The creator , our God did not want us to just have relationship with Him alone. He created others that we might also learn to live with and love those He places in our lives. He said in 1 Corinthians 12:18-21, “But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.”  If God is in the process of placing us into the body of Christ (the Church), doesn’t this also mean He places each one of us with the spouse of His choice? Since God places us in relationships we must ask ourselves the question: Why marriage? What is it about marriage that is so important to God? What is it about marriage that is so important to me? Not making your relationship/marriage a priority wears it down over time. Our education system doesn’t teach us that loving relationships take work and daily commitment. It’s easy for the relationship to take a back seat when kids come along. If you don’t make time for sexual intimacy, desire goes down for married people. If you stop talking to your partner about your hopes and dreams, you start becoming more distant. If you don’t make time to do fun activities together and with the family, you can begin to lead separate lives. If one partner spends all day in the world of work and the other in the world of kids and chores, it can be a challenge to find common ground. With multiple kids, you may have to “divide and conquer,” with one partner heading for the soccer field and the other to dance practice.


Three mentalities ; each an essential building block for a healthy biblical, relational lifestyle. Each require the honesty of personal humility, and each encourage us to be reconciled to one another and to God again and again, and again.Could it be that God has created marriage, the most intimate of human relationships, for the purpose of refining us, chiseling off our selfish human nature, and making us more “other-centered”? Isn’t this what He means when He says that we are being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29 – “For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son …”)?  How best to make us “other-centered” than to give us a spouse, very different from us, to hone us into His image? Relationship also has purposes beyond each individual relationship that relate to God’s plan for mankind.  In fact there are three clear purposes outlined in Genesis .Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.…  So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:26-27). Each individual (as a male and as a female) is created in the image of God. However, a married couple has a unique capacity to reflect His image as husband and wife.  When we recognize our purpose is to reflect the image of God, we see that we have an opportunity to be a witness to a lost world.God’s second purpose for marriage is to reproduce: God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28a).Marriage is an opportunity for men and women to produce children.  Children are a gift from God and with them comes great responsibility: children are to be raised in His “likeness.” (Though many married couples do not have children, they still have an opportunity to disciple others to conform to His “likeness.”)  The third purpose for marriage is to reign:God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28a). According to this verse, married couples are to “subdue” the earth.  To accomplish this requires good stewardship in the physical realm over that which God has given.  It also requires diligence in the spiritual realm.  Together married couples are to be “soldiers” directed by God to accomplish His intentions on earth.

For you to make it in your relationship use the bible as your manual to guide you.You will enjoy your marriage if you follow the God’s plan over your relationship. True cadres in marriage will not quit or take a break in their relationship but they will seek God to solve the challenges as He is the author and the finisher of relationship.Perfect relationship is guided by God’s manual which is the word of God.

Enos Denhere is a Nation Builder . Enos looking for  air ticket and financial support to attend Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit www.atigs2018.comIn Washington USA as from 24-27 June 2018.  You can app me  +263773894975 or email me enosdenhere@gmail.com those who are willing to help me .





2018 Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit Around The Corner.

The 2018 Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS), scheduled on June 24 to 26, 2018 at the World Trade Center – Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C. Under the main theme “Driving Trade, Unleashing Investment and Enhancing Economic Development: the Gateway to African Markets”, ATIGS 2018 goals and objectives are aligned with two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): (SDGs 8 and 17).Enos Denhere

ATIGS is a prestigious biennial business conference and exhibition designed specifically: (1) to promote and facilitate international trade between Americas, Asia, Caribbean, EU, UAE, with Africa, (2) to facilitate foreign direct investment in Africa and, (3) to provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets. The ATIGS 2018 edition will gather 2000-plus key economic players from more than 70 countries including government delegations, high-profile African leaders, project developers and international investors.

The vision of ATIGS is built on the model of rotating the location of the summit every two years through a bidding process and organizing country-specific ATIGS in between. In 2016, ATIGS team spent over 150 days travelling to meet stakeholders at events & countries worldwide with a prioritized agenda for ATIGS 2018 – Washington D.C and touching base on ATIGS 2020 – Dubai; ATIGS 2022 – Beijing; ATIGS 2024 – Brussels, ATIGS 2026 – Addis Ababa; and, ATIGS 2028 – South America.

The 3-days event will provide a unique platform to gain strategic knowledge about local investment opportunities and business networking. High-level speakers, exhibitors and global investors and deal-making will top the agenda at ATIGS 2018, covering 16 economic sectors, particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, infrastructure,  transportation, IT, tourism, telecoms, health, fintech, and natural resources sectors. High-potential projects in Africa will be presented to international investors. Featured agenda items will include projects showcase, deal marketplace, exhibition, country presentations, and among others.  The ATIGS 2018 will bring together key policymakers, African Ministers, Ambassadors and senior government representatives in various intergovernmental bodies.

The ATIGS Awards Ceremony is a celebration and dinner to honor trade promotional organizations (TPO’s) and investment promotional agencies (IPA’s) from various African regions, recognizing the visionary leaders, industry partners, and dynamic individuals driving development in Africa. AWARDS CRITERIA -ATIGS panel of experts will take into consideration four key elements for each awards category:  • Achievements and Accomplishments (Track record and how achievements have been for Africa) • Leadership (Acknowledged leadership)• Commitment (Long term commitment) • Strategic Vision and Growth (Passion, talent, creativity and vision for Africa), Innovation (demonstrated creative approaches to driving development in Africa).You can nominate your self. Visit our website http://atigs2018.com/atigs-2018/

ATIGS welcomes the government officials, key players in economy ,project developers, international investors,Startups . For more information contact atigs@gaadvancement.com / enosdenhere@gmail.com .Remember to mention Enos Denhere as your referal. See you at ATIGS

Enos Denhere is the Official Trade Partner Global Representative at Africa Trade Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) SUMMIT 2018 . Email enosdenhere@gmail.com





Start-ups need Angel investors

Angel investors invest in small startups or entrepreneurs. . The capital angel investors provide may be a one-time investment to help the business propel or an ongoing injection of money to support and carry the company through its difficult early stages.Angel investors are also called informal investors, angel funders , private investors, seed investors or business angels. These are affluent individuals who inject capital for startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. Some angel investors invest through crowdfunding platforms online or build angel investor networks to pool in capital. Africa is promising to be fastest  growing land of opportunities.

An angel investor is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. This are typically individuals who have spare cash available and are looking for a higher rate of return than would be given by more traditional investments. (Typically an angel looks for a return of 25 percent or more).An angel investment is a form of  equity financing – the investor supplies funding in exchange for taking an equity position in the company.The big advantage – Financing your business via angel investments is much less risky than debt financing. Unlike a loan, invested capital does not have to be paid back in the event of business failure, and most angel investors understand business and take a longer-term view. You have to bear in mind , as a part owner the investor has a say in how the business is run and will receive a portion of the profits when the business is sold. With debt financing the lending institution has no control over the operations of the company and takes no share of the profits.

The application of the term “angel” to a kind of investor originally comes from Broadway theater, where it was used to describe wealthy individuals who provided money for theatrical productions that would otherwise have had to shut down. In 1978, William Wetzel, then a professor at the University Of New Hampshire and founder of its Center for Venture Research, completed a pioneering study on how entrepreneurs raised seed capital in the USA, and he began using the term “angel” to describe the investors who supported them. A similar term, “patron,” is commonly used in arts. Angel investment differs from venture capital finance which invests in businesses through managed funds, raised with private or public money. The venture capitalist manager invests the money on behalf of the fund which has to be profitable and make a return for the fund’s investors. Due to high costs of administration and the need to be very selective to ensure a return on the fund, Venture Capital funds are more risk averse and thus make fewer small investments in start and seed stage.  Remember that most angel investors are or have been successful entrepreneurs. They enjoy the thrill of helping to build and create a thriving enterprise.However, there are three categories of angel investors, the economic, the hedonistic and the altruistic*, and each type has their own reasons for investing. While a hedonistic angel investor is most attracted by the excitement of creating something new, an altruistic angel may be most concerned about helping his community or attracted by the potential of developing environmental technologies.Angels cannot take more than 30% equity in your business under the Enterprise Investment Scheme EIS/ The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme SEIS scheme which was launced in 2012 1n UK, but crucially you need to be incentivised to grow and scale up your business. Most angels understand and respect that. They also appreciate that you will also need to have equity left for future funding rounds; it is not uncommon for there to be 2-3 angel rounds prior to the business taking on larger, institutional money.

 How much do angel investors invest in a company?The typical angel investment is $25,000 to $100,000 a company, but can go higher. What are the six most important things for angel investors? Here is what angels particularly care about: 1)The quality, passion, commitment, and integrity of the founders. 2)The market opportunity being addressed and the potential for the company to become very big. 3)A clearly thought out business plan, and any early evidence of obtaining traction toward the plan. 4)Interesting technology or intellectual property. 4)An appropriate valuation with reasonable terms. 5)The viability of raising additional rounds of financing if progress is made.For many angel investors, it’s not just about the money; they want to actively participate in developing your business. They want to act as a mentor and sometimes even to take an active role in managing the company. This often translates into the angel investor having a seat on your Board of Directors.

Enos Denhere

Enos  Denhere is an entrepreneur based in Zimbabwe . He is seeking for Angel Investors to partner and explore Zimbabwe and Africa together and interested in entrepreneurship forums /vocationals . Email enosdenhere@gmail.com

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Zimbabwe Youths Use Wisdom during Harmonised Elections

The purpose of the elections is to elect the few elite people who can represent us in the places of authority.The money in the world can make you rich and all the power in the  world can make you strong, but these things can not make you a leader.We need true leadership in government,House of assembly and local government.l think leadership has  to be a role one plays than a life one leads.We are approaching the harmonizing elections the fever of elections is being felt in all corners of Zimbabwe.Lets preach unity and peace .We are one family whether your race ,color we are one ,lets elect the rightful
people to represent us ,people who can deliver  not people who are going to enrich themselves (greedy).The people  who be busy evangelizing  for all these political parties  are youths ,women and few elderly men. As citizens of Zimbabweans we want equality and progress.

Enough is enough to see the youths being used in politics and paid with few dirty coins , few pieces of meat and beer as  token of  appreciation.The youths are the ones used to do all donkey work after that they are dumped. The most suffering citizens are youths.Majority of our youth haven’t  yet knocked the door of employment.Our youths perished in foreign lands. We became slaves in foreign countries. SA burnt some Zimbabweans alive and  are prone to  xenophobic attacks. We are tired of politicians who think of their stomachs not about future generation. Everyone knows where we are coming from as a nation and the most affected are youths . We went through a lot as a nation especially youths, so now we want credible policies  which don’t hinder progress of our youths .I call upon the youths in all different political parties vote wisely during primary elections to choose your representatives who will stand for you during harmonizing elections. Let’s support each other as youths and never be used .Youths we have been used for long time and they dumb us and come when elections are nearer. It’s our time to be the torch bearers . We are the defenders of  the integrity of this nation. During the tenure of colonial bondage youths rose to liberate our beloved country . I’ts high time to blend youths with elders .

Youths are not a security threat but love to have a better  life.I am sending a warning to those who are planning to use youths for selfishness ambitions during elections.Don’t take advantage of poverty or lack the youths are facing; never manipulate our youths with few slices of bread . If you are true leader ,lead by example by upgrading the standard of living of those youths unlike using them for a short period and dump them. Let’s help our youths not get lured into human trafficking, drug abuse,prostitution etc. Politicians , elections are around the corner never use youths to do evil to educe fear to electorate but demonstrate your vision to the masses. We no longer want politicians but we want visionaries and innovators .

To our President E.D Manangagwa , it’s high time we suspend presidential scholarships of sending  our students to study abroad instead we incorporate the presidential scholarship scheme in our local universities eg in USA the presidential scholarships is promoted in their local universities .

Lastly youths which ever political party you are going to vote for ,please stay away from violence or to be used remember the torch is in your hands you are the next leader.

Enos Denhere is a Commentantor in nation building and Business Developing

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